AddShoppers Releases Complete 2014 Social Commerce Data

AddShoppers recently released a whole pot of analyzed data surrounding the breakdown of 2014 social commerce. The team took 10,000 ecommerce websites worldwide that use the AddShoppers platform, tapping into the data of 304 million unique shoppers in 2014.

To date the platform powers social commerce for over 10,000 brands including The Economist, NCR, O’Neil Clothing, Everlast, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. With only a small snippet of code, marketers are empowered with accurate revenue attribution, lists of purchase influencers, and referral market campaigns.

All told, the data they presented us with tells a very interesting tale, namely that Facebook reigns supreme in the conversion rate and social sharing realm. Each user’s activity was tracked over a 30 day period to determine how social networks and sharing influenced their purchasing decisions.

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Here’s AddShoppers’ entire list of social commerce data from 2014:

What exactly is a share worth?

  • $2.56 on average. A share’s worth is highly dependent upon the site’s category (e.g. Apparel is more social than Medical) and the social network…
  • $12.41 per email
  • $5.62 per Google+ share
  • $0.80 per Facebook share
  • $1.03 per Tweet
  • $0.67 per Pin
  • $3.46 per ‘other’ share

Do social networks convert the same? Nope, and much like how a share’s value is dependent upon website category, so is the likelihood of a social network helping to close a sale.

  • 39% conv. rate for email
  • 70% conv. rate for Google+
  • 66% conv. rate for Facebook
  • 62% conv. rate for Twitter
  • 45% conv. rate for Pinterest
  • 27% conv. rate for ‘Other’

Which social platforms drive revenue?

  • Facebook: 69.10%
  • Twitter: 12.11%
  • Pinterest: 7.73%
  • Email: 6.42%
  • Google+: 2.56%
  • Other: 2.06%

Which platforms are the most popular?

  • Facebook: 73.68%
  • Twitter: 10.10%
  • Pinterest: 9.87%
  • Other: 5.53%
  • Email: 0.44%
  • Google+: 0.39%

Which social sources drive traffic? (clicks per share)

  • Facebook: 1.10 per share
  • StumbleUpon: 0.98 per share
  • Twitter: 0.97 per share
  • Wanelo: 0.94 per share
  • Pinterest: 0.87 per share
  • Tumblr: 0.83 per share
  • Polyvore: 0.76 per share
  • Wishpot: 0.76 per share
  • LinkedIn: 0.68 per share
  • Kaboodle: 0.42 per share
  • Email: 0.31 per share
  • Google+: 0.21 per share

Are using other social networks worth it? No, unless there is a large niche social network closely related to your vertical, your time is better spent elsewhere.

  • Wanelo: 0.94% of revenue
  • Tumblr: 0.42% of revenue
  • StumbleUpon: 0.24% of revenue
  • LinkedIn: 0.23% of revenue
  • Polyvore: 0.16% of revenue
  • Kaboodle: 0.06% of revenue
  • Wishpot: 0.02% of revenue

Did you know Tumblr receives 1.13 times the amount of shares that Google+ did? Top categories for Tumblr:

  1. Apparel & Clothing
  2. Health & Beauty
  3. Electronics

And although Wanelo is geared towards stores in the Apparel & Clothing category, it drives more revenue to Home & Garden stores. Wanelo also gets 8.95 times more shares than Polyvore, another apparel focused network. Top categories for Wanelo:

  1. Home & Garden
  2. Apparel & Clothing
  3. Gifts

Home and garden is the most shared category for Pinterest followed by apparel and clothing. The average order value from a home and garden share on Pinterest is an impressive $232.73. Top categories for Pinterest:

  1. Home & Garden
  2. Apparel & Clothing
  3. Health & Beauty

Which store types are shared the most often?

  1. Apparel & Clothing
  2. Entertainment & Media
  3. General Merchendise
  4. Electronics
  5. Home & Garden



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