Airtame Launches Cloud Platform to Unify Screen Connectivity

December 6, 2016

10:30 am

Developed in Denmark, Airtame is a wireless HDMI streaming solution aimed at the enterprise world. Its production began after a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which raised over $1.5 million in 2014. While this wireless HDMI screen streaming dongle resembles other similar devices (Chromecast or Apple TV, for example), it really quite different from these popular devices.

First, the price is different. Retailing at $300, this is a solution aimed at companies and schools that want to make everything from presentations to entertainment a little easier. Also, unlike other devices, Airtame works by simply connecting it to a screen or projector, and nothing is plugged in to the computer or smartphone. In order to use this device, users simply need to download the app and stream whatever content they wish.

Another interesting feature of Airtame is that, while no streaming is happening, custom dashboards or websites can be shown on screen. This is quite useful for company meetings or project presentations, to assure that the important stuff is seen by everyone. To ensure that the streaming is only seen by those in the room, streaming is protected by a pin code.

New Cloud Platform

Now, Airtame has introduced another important novelty. The service is launching its new cloud platform, which allows for a streamlined IT management control, and also Chromebook compatibility. This new update ships with a native dashboard software, and a built in web browser.

The new cloud platform of Airtame will surely help the job of IT administrators and professionals. It provides an effective management tool, making it easy to monitor the status and connectivity of all Airtime devices, on a single screen. Online/offline status, network settings, WiFi signal strength, and scheduling of firmware updates are also available on this screen.

“At Airtame we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our technology and user experience,” said Jonas Gyalokay, cofounder and CEO of Airtame. “Our new cloud platform enables IT pros to get a complete overview and monitoring ability over all Airtame devices connected to their network, allowing for easy maintenance and improved steaming in the workplace. Adding Chromebook compatibility further exemplifies our complete cross-platform capabilities.”

Chromebook Compatibility

The Chromebook compatibility Gyalokay mentions is a notable novelty. Now, laptops with any operating system are fully compatible with Airtame – an interesting move by the company. Realizing that Chromebooks are one of the first choices for in-class PCs used by students, they went for this market. With Airtame, the classroom experience can be enhanced in terms of interactivity.

Two years ago, Airtame had the most successful European Indiegogo campaign at the time. That is a clear sign on the innovation brought by this system, which now gets an important update that adds more functionality and compatibility to it.

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