iPhone and Android Apps, Poetry and eCards for Valentine’s Day

Whether you are wrapping up your Valentine’s plans or just getting started, there are a lot of apps on the market to help you make the day a special one.  Here’s a round-up of some Valentine’s Day-themed apps and website goodies:


YourCards is an app for iPhone or iTouch that allows you to send an animated app-based greeting via email, text, Facebook or Twitter. It’s actually an app you can use all-year round, with categories for Birthday, Anniversary, Thank You, Just Because, as well as Love and Dating. A bit of advice from one user (me) – make sure you preview the card before you send it, not all the cards on the home page are Valentine’s cards.

Download YourCards – Lions and Bears from iTunes YourCards - Lions and Bears

A super-easy way to send a quick and artsy e-Valentine is through the Kate Spade website. A gallery of e-Valentines are ready for the choosing, plus it’ll get you points for good taste.


I Write: Love Poems guides you through the process with  step-by-step instructions to inspire you to take that chance and for those of you looking for a little more adventure there is also an erotic version.

Download the I Write: Love Poems from iTunesiWrite: Love Poems - Joel Epstein

Download the I Write: Erotic Poems from iTunesiWrite: Erotic Poems - Joel Epstein

Instant Poetry HD allows you to explore your inner Wordsworth. Instant Poetry uses your own photos as the backdrop for a drag and drop poetry-creator.

Download Instant Poetry HD for iPhone from iTunesInstant Poetry HD - Razeware LLC

Download Instant Poetry HD for iPad from iTunesInstant Poetry HD - Razeware LLC


Instant Poetry App Screen-Shot

Instant Poetry App Screen-Shot

Seek inspiration from the words of others with Love Quotes 500. This app contains hundreds of quotes from the likes of Shakespeare to Judy Garland in a flip-able format. If all goes well this Valentines Day and you find yourself planning a wedding someday, check back in on this for quotes for your wedding invitation or program.  :-)

Download Love Quotes 500 for iPhoneLove Quotes 500 - Michael Quach


If you’d rather set the mood with music, check out Love Songs — 100 Greatest of All Time. The Top 100 Love Songs application plays the “full tracks of the greatest 100 love songs ever made” in shuffle mode. (Note: Whether these are the greatest is debatable – and you can take your opinions on Michael Bolton to their forum.) Top 100 Love Songs requires a connection to a 3G, Edge, or Wi-fi network to stream the music to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Download the Love Songs — 100 Greatest of All Time from iTunesLove Songs — 100 Greatest of All Time - nuTsie


Cook a meal (or make an impressive dessert)with romantic recipes from Valentine’s Recipes #2. (The first version of this app is free, but doesn’t have as many recipes.)

Download Valentine’s Recipes #2Valentines Recipes #2 - Post Imagineering, Inc.

If you’d rather head out, guarantee your reservations with OpenTable.

Download OpenTable for iPhone OpenTable - OpenTable, Inc.

Download OpenTable for iPadOpenTable for iPad - OpenTable, Inc.


Love-testing Apps

Does [insert name] see and  appreciate the uniqueness of who you are? Use The Questions to find out. This app is  based on  a deck of conversation-starter cards designed by a psychologist. Sit down with your partner for a series of probing questions; afterwards the app summarizes the ‘session’.

Download The Questions from iTunesThe Questions - Night & Day Studios, Inc.


This app reminds me of those promotional cards you put your thumb on to determine your stress-level. Maybe it will cause some stress if you and your partner each put your thumb on this iPhone app and you get anything less than “burning hot”.

Download Lovetricity Valentines Day App for iPhone from iTunesLovetricity (Your Valentines Day App) - Splaysoft, LLC.

Android and iPad apps

iTunes has a special category to house all of the Valentine’s Day apps. Android Market has it’s share of holiday-related apps as well.

Photoid Valentine Edition l allows you to add Valentine effects such as stickers, text and graphics to new or existing photos on your phone. After you’re done, you can post the photos on Facebook, upload it to Flickr, or email/text them.

Other Valentine-themed Android apps include games (like the new Angry Birds Valentine’s edition: Hogs And Kisses) and wallpapers.

ScrapPad – Valentines Day Scrapbooking takes your photos and along with your text and their graphics creates a scrapbook for your Valentine.

Download ScrapPad for iPad from  iTunesScrapPad - Valentine's Day Scrapbooking - Album tArt LLC


ScrapPad Your Valentine’s Day Together

Finally, have a laugh with someecards.com, they never get old, like the ones below.

Celebrate Valentines Day Like St. Patrick's Day - Cheers!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Like St. Patrick’s Day – Cheers!

If You're A Pimp I'd Be Your Valentine Ho. ecards

If I Were A Pimp You’d Be Your Valentine Ho – Super!

If you’ve come across any great (that includes funny) apps for Valentine’s day, please share!

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