Attention Wizard a Visual Attention Prediction Tool

February 9, 2010

10:46 am

Analytics, analytics, analytics … for anyone developing or creating a web presence, this word is a must to be able to study and evaluate the traffic that is coming to your web site or web product.  There are many tools out there to help you along the way, for instance Google Analyitcs, SiteMeter, StatCounter, etc.  While these sites give you reams of detailed information about the visitors and traffic to your web site, they all have one thing in common, you need traffic first. Attention Wizard, gives you some important data about your web site, live or not, even before you get your first visitor.

One important detail about your web site, especially the home page, is figuring out the “hot spots.”  These are the areas of the web page where your visitors attention and clicks migrate to.  These spots are important to you so you will be able to place the content that you want seen/clicked in those areas.  Usually it takes a while while the site is up and traffic is coming in for the current tools to analyze the traffic and give you the locations of those hot spots.  With Attention Wizard though, there algorithms allow you to predict the hot spots on your web page before you have even had a visitor.  This allows you to test several different designs before taking the site live to get the best performing one to use.

Check out the video (below) for a pretty in depth preview of the Attention Wizard service.

Attention Wizard will be joining us as a startup showcase company for the upcoming TECH cocktail San Diego next Thursday Feb 11th.  Make sure to head over and register for TECH cocktail's first visit out to the west coast.

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