Behmor Connected Coffee Maker Brews Coffee Your Way [Review]

August 15, 2016

4:00 pm

Technology doesn’t always improve everything, but when it comes to customizing how you get your morning coffee, Behmor’s new Connected Coffee Maker is on point. Sure, we all dream of latte art in our cups each morning, maybe even the robust flavor from pour-over, but the rest of us only have so much time and need our caffeine fix. Beyond the office coffee machine and your standard Mr. Coffee at home, it’s easy to desire something with more control over what ends up in your mug.

Behmor’s solution let’s you to select the brewing temperature, pre-soak time, and volume to capture the flavor you want. On top of this, rather than fiddling with a small screen it uses DADO tech to turn your phone into an easy-to-use interface. It also uses WiFi rather than bluetooth, which means as long as it’s connected you can brew your coffee, rather than being within short-range of the appliance.

We tested the Behmor over many mornings, replacing our beloved Nespresso Machine some mornings, the local coffee shop on others, and the much overused terrible office coffee packet brewer.

Behmor connected coffee makerSetup

Like the other DADO connected devices (1, 2) we’ve reviewed in the past, the Behmor also had a day-one firmware update. Once you’ve connected to the internet and updated the appliance, it will ask you to calibrate. During calibration, the device will run through a brewing process without coffee so it can accurately measure temperature and correct for elevation over sea level. Because the Behmor allows you to control the brew temperature within one degree of your choosing, calibration for accuracy ensures you get the coffee flavor you want. Using a standard probe thermometer we were able to test the temperature within the reservoir to show the water was in fact the temperature selected.

Overall the setup process and time it took to get brewing was minimal, but probably took two-three times longer than a standard device (cleaning versus also updating and calibrating).

Features and Specs

Behmor’s Connected Coffee Maker’s addition of a wifi connection makes sense in some capacities, and not so much in others. Rather than putzing around with a small LCD screen the wifi connection allows you to use your iOS and Android powered phone to customize each brew – or set a default one – and monitor its progress. However, it also has zero integrations right now, which means it’s another IoT device on its own island. There are other drip coffee brewers that come in at half the price, but also integrate with things like Amazon Echo or Siri. Even if those IoT hubs add a simple voice command, that also means one less app to manage. As far as shortcomings from the addition of tech goes, that’s the Behmor’s only limitation.

Through the app you can control the water temperature between 190 – 210 degrees fahrenheit, adjust how long the pre-soak time is, select the type of ground coffee used, and how much it should produce (up to 8 cups). The end result is a customized craft brew coffee that tastes great with the strength you want. The app also allows you to get your one-touch custom coffee so you can simply press the button on the coffee maker if you have a go-to coffee, and you can schedule when the coffee should start to brew.

As far as features go the Behmor benefits from the addition of tech, but really should be able to integrate with other platforms as well. The coffee that comes from being able to customize the brew though is pretty damn good.


Behmor’s design overlaps quite a bit with its features, especially when it comes down to the coffee it brews. There are a few standout design features on the connected coffee maker, such as the reusable coffee filter, a one-touch brew button, and it’s sparging system over the actual coffee grounds.

Beyond special design features, it also comes in a matte black with stainless steel components to fit modern kitchens. It also stands a bit taller than most drip coffee brewers. Because the brewer uses an app rather than controls, there are really only two buttons on the appliance. One is the DADO button that is used during setup, and the other on a one-press brew button that brews to your custom setup.

Unlike some of the lower-end drip coffee brewers, the Behmor also uses a sparging system that look similar to a rainfall shower head. Rather than a single point of water hitting the grounds, it spreads out the water to get fuller coverage. They also use a pulse brew system that releases water intermittently.

The carafe also does a great job of keeping the coffee hot, but towards the bottom of the pot it becomes strangely difficult to poor. In total the carafe can hold up to about 8 cups of coffee. Overall the design allows the Behmor to easily fit in with modern kitchens or your office.

Pros and Cons


  • Your phone replaces a likely tiny LCD screen
  • Coffee tastes great
  • Easily customize your brew
  • Wifi connectivity works well


  • Lacks integrations
  • Kind of pricey

Overall Thoughts

Should you buy the Behmor Connected Coffee Maker? Yes, if you’re looking to up your coffee brewing game. For those simply looking for a standard drip coffee, stick with a low-tech option. Overall the Behmor connected coffee maker was easy to setup, simple to customize the brew to my liking, and produces some great coffee.

For coffee snobs this probably still won’t compete with your pour over coffee makers or whatever hipstery thing you all use now, but for the rest of us this easily replaces the standard drip and saves you time from the burnt flavors of Starbucks. However, due to a lack of integrations this is yet another IoT device on its own island, and things like this need to have integration options going forward. For these reasons and based on its current price, we give the Behmor a solid 3.8/5. If this was knocked down in cost and added integrations with other hubs, this would easily be a must-have coffee maker. Until then, the Behmor is a great drip coffee maker, but is a little pricey for what you get.

Price: $270

Where to buy: Amazon


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