Shocker: You Should be Getting More Sleep

Kristin Pryor

It used to be considered admirable if you were one of those people who could function on three hours of sleep a night, fueling yourself with Redbull through an IV drip. However, anyone who insists that they can perform at their peak on three hours of sleep is likely delusional (probably a byproduct of being sleep deprived).

Image Credit: Flickr/peasap

It's an ongoing debate in the entrepreneurial world about whether more or less sleep is the key to success. It seems like every week there's a new study coming out about the benefits of getting 8hrs a night. SleepyPeople, a UK based bedding company, recently mapped out some statistics that will make you reconsider the all-nighters you've been pulling.

According to the infographic below, one sleepless night can cause temporary changes to the brain that are similar to a concussive injury. Also, those who get less than five hours of sleep per night over a prolonged period could experience impaired driving equivalent to someone who has drunk over the legal limit. Sleep deprivation can also affect innovation and creativity–not something most entrepreneurs want to hear.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but for the most part, people are their most successful and productive when they get enough sleep for their brains and bodies to recuperate from the previous day.


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