The Best Part Time Remote Jobs You Can Apply for Right Now

Find a job that lets you work anywhere, on a schedule that suits you, with these remote job options.

Thanks to the flexible working movement accelerated by the pandemic, the employment landscape currently looks a whole lot different from how it did a decade ago. It’s now easier than ever to pick up a remote job that pays just as well, or better, than office-based alternatives.

For workers looking to supplement their income, or work their career around obligations like school or child care, the job market is stacked with great part-time fully remote positions too, providing ample opportunities to experienced and entry-level professionals alike.

If you aren’t sure where to start the search, we’ve got you covered. This guide rounds up some of the best options out there, including their average starting salaries, whether or not you need experience to apply, and companies that are currently hiring for the role. Scroll down to check if any of these roles suit you, or jump to a specific section using the links below.

6 Part-Time Remote Jobs You Should Know About

Many part-time remote jobs will require you to have a couple of years of experience in a relevant field under your belt. However, this isn’t always a deal breaker, especially if the role is skills-based, or has a shallow learning curve. If you want the freedom to work from anywhere, on a schedule that works for you, see if any of these part-time remote jobs pique your interest:

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1. Virtual Assistant

If you’re comfortable with handling administrative tasks and want the freedom to work independently, it could be worth becoming a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants work as independent contractors and handle a wide range of tasks for clients, including scheduling appointments, arranging travel, and organizing emails.

Because you’ll be providing support to your clients remotely, virtual assistants are able to work from anywhere. The job gives you control over your schedule too, so whether you want to work for a couple of hours a week, or increase your earning potential by working with multiple clients at once, you’ll be able to build a timetable that works for you.

Companies that are hiring for part-time remote virtual assistants right now:

2. Data entry clerk

Another administrative-based job that lends itself well to flexible working is data entry. As the job title suggests, typical responsibilities include data entry, data uploads, data verification, and other data-related tasks. The job is largely computer-based, but can also entail answering phone calls and scanning documents manually.

It’s easy enough to land an entry-level job as a data entry clerk without prior experience, but the job does require workers to have good communication skills, high levels of computer literacy, and an eye for detail. If you’re interested in exploring data entry positions, take a look at the companies currently looking for workers below.

Companies that are hiring part-time remote data entry clerks right now:

3. Translator

If you speak multiple languages fluently and are confident in working with the written word, being a translator could be a good option for you. Translators work with text and are responsible for translating materials from a language they are fluent in into their mother tongue.

While speaking multiple languages is a prerequisite for this line of work, it isn’t the only requirement. Translators also need to have a solid understanding of the culture they are interpreting from, excellent writing skills, and a strong eye for accuracy. Having a degree in languages or linguistics will also make you a more desirable candidate, but for most recruiters, this isn’t a deal breaker.

Companies that are hiring for a part-time remote translators right now:

4. Transcriber

For those with good typing skills and a great understanding of language, working as a transcriber could be a good alternative. The role requires you to transcribe audio or video recordings efficiently, and sometimes review transcriptions for accuracy and clarity.

Transcription is a great option for workers looking to subsidize their main source of income without expending too much mental energy. The role can be carried out from anywhere, and most transcription companies let workers pick up work when it suits them, making it one of the most flexible options on this list.

You don’t need experience or any formal qualifications to work as a transcriber either. However, because it’s so beginner-friendly, it doesn’t tend to pay as well as other part-time remote jobs.

Companies that are hiring for part-time remote transcribers right now:

5. Customer service representative

If you’re a people person, that wants to fit a job around your schedule, customer service roles are highly flexible and can pay well if you find the right position. Customer service representatives are typically responsible for managing incoming calls, handling service inquiries, and resolving customer queries.

Since customer service tasks can be carried out remotely, most companies won’t require you to commute to physical locations. While you rarely need lots of experience to get started, after you’ve got your foot in the door it tends to be quite easy to work your way up the ladder, making the role ideal for workers that are looking to build a career.

Companies that are hiring for part-time remote customer service representatives right now:

6. Online tutor

If you’re still studying or want to earn a little alongside your full-time job, online tutoring lets you work at a time that suits you. Whether you have a depth of knowledge on a particular subject, or a decent understanding of Science and Math, working as a tutor helps you share your knowledge with students, while earning a decent income at the same time.

All you need to get started is a laptop with an internet connection and a webcam, making it accessible to most job-seekers. Online tutoring jobs tend to charge pretty high hourly rates, especially if you have strong qualifications, or tutor a subject that’s in high demand.

Companies that are hiring for part-time remote online tutors right now:

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