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Big Data in Call Centers – Are You Ready?

June 2, 2015

2:00 pm

The high volume of information coming from a company’s calling center is, more than ever, ripe for analysis. In this context, it makes sense to think about Big Data in the call center. After all, an extremely competitive industry is the ideal setting to invest in technological solutions that provide better strategic management, improved customer service, and more significant and accurate results. The importance of Big Data has previously been discussed here, but are centrals prepared to this reality?

The technology that allows for selection, storage and “smart” disposal of data in a call center is already available. Today, there are systems capable of performing such functions and generate reports that give valuable information to communication centrals, something that represents a competitive advantage.

In addition, there is the agility factor: access to the right information at the right time results in improved assertiveness, which is especially important during a sale. It is an opportunity to present all the information the operator needs to know about your customers, products and market.

In the call center segment, the challenge posed to managers is to understand the growth potential provided by Big Data. In addition to exposing data in different formats, these tools are able to do the most important: crossing different sources of information and present them in a consolidated and uncluttered way, which will be crucial to improve company’s efficiency. To a department where time is money, like call centers, having such abilities is crucial.

However, not every company possesses the resources to implement Big Data, as Gartner research shows. I recently covered the merits of cloud computing for small companies, something that can also be applied in this situation – companies without the needed resources can turn to the cloud, where they can obtain those resources for smaller prices and, at the same time, get dedicated and specific cloud tools, like the ones offered by Call Tools.

Big Data truly has a huge potential to improve the efficiency of companies and their call centers, a department that is quite often targeted for its lack of promptness. But, in order to take full advantage of its potential, companies need to make sure they have the right resources, something that can be achievable with the cloud.

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