Blu Arc Media: Bringing the #hashtag from the Web to Your Local Cafe

August 17, 2014

8:00 pm

Whether it’s in Time Square or a local café, you’re bound to see a billboard with interesting content, announcements or photos. It’s advertising designed to catch your eye…. or potentially a glimpse of yourself, which is part of the business model at Blu Arc Media.

Blu Arc Media helps businesses leverage the power of social media through interactive displays.

Blu Arc Media's CEO Scott Friedberg says the company installs TV’s in various venues, but social media drives all of the content. With real-time interactive content from venue-goers social media, people's eyes are drawn to the screens, which in turn creates a great opportunity for advertisers to become a part of the conversation.

“We bring the conversation from the web to the real world which creates an interesting dynamic. Also, people just like seeing themselves on our displays,” says Friedberg.

Blu Arc Media has a business model that can work anywhere – not just in Syracuse where the company is currently based. Friedberg’s short-term plan is to expand to regional cities like Buffalo, Albany and Rochester. However, despite working with smaller companies in Syracuse, he says he can take Blu Arc Media in any direction that he wants.

“I could work with a large corporation, and make a deal where they are going to have displays in every one of their locations,” says Friedberg.

The Market: There is Room For More Than One Player

While there are a number of competitors in the digital billboard space, Friedberg says it shows validity of the market.

“I welcome competitors because it motivates me to stay one step ahead and it makes it easier to educate potential clients about the technology,” says Friedberg.

Friedberg – who was a finance major at the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, is the President of Delta Kappa Epsilon and a fellow of the Kairos Society – has the business acumen and leadership skills to run his own company, but has partnered with Enplug to hopefully reach more consumers across the country.

“They have hundreds of locations out west,” says Friedberg of Enplug. “They have an impressive team developing their product everyday.”

More About Friedberg and His Plans For the Future

 In addition to working as CEO of Blu Arc Media, Friedberg will attend Syracuse University’s iSchool as an Entrepreneurship Engagement Fellow and will earn a Master’s degree in Information Management.

For some young entrepreneurs, being a student and a CEO is a challenging task, but Friedberg is no stranger to multitasking.

“It comes to being organized, being disciplined and learning how to spend your time,” says the New Jersey native, who also learned how to master this “balancing act” from watching interviews of CEOs like Twitter’s Jack Dorsey.

Since creating the company in 2012, Friedberg says he’s learned a lot about himself.

“It’s tough to be confident about something until you do it and do it well and what I’ve learned is that I can do it, if I set my mind to it, give it my all and be myself,” says Friedberg who has dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur since he was 10 years old. “If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, people can tell.”



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