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Brand24 Explores the Relation Between CRM and Social Networks

Customers have always been the most important part of a business. Consequently, controlling the business-customer relationship is also an important aspect of a company’s everyday life. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) arose from this necessity, being a business strategy that puts the focus on the client.

Equipped with CRM, a company can try to understand and even anticipate the needs of prospects and customers. Having it as part of a company’s arsenal makes it possible to serve the client in the best way possible. Implementing a CRM system to run a business means being able to serve clients faster, and with the ease of having it all aggregate automatically using software.

In recent years, the amount of information companies can get about their customers through social networks has clearly increased. The same goes for mobile apps. This breadth of information has enabled better interaction with customers. Therefore, it’s important for companies to congregate CRM’s features and the information coming from social media, like what is done with the social CRM strategy.

Brand24 offers a CRM and platform featuring social analytics, sentiment analysis, influencer scoring, and social insights messaging. It allows companies to get real time customer insights and actionable intelligence. This information is relevant, as it’s about their products, brands, and competitors. It’s also taken from different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, message boards and news sites.

The information provided by Brand24’s platform helps companies take advantage of the B2B “social selling” potential of social networks. These are important communication channels, which can be used for building and nurturing relationships with the perfect prospects.

Such a platform really brings together the best of two worlds. Using Brand24, companies will have access to customer insights, influencer analysis, sentiment analysis, automated and customized reports, and infographics. This can be accessed on the web, or via instant email, or mobile app alerts.

Social networks allow businesses to direct communication according to the information they have about the clients, like no other medium allows. Not monitoring social networks continuously leads to a loss in opportunities, as it is almost impossible to do it “by hand.”  Platforms like the one offered by Brand24 are extremely useful for companies, as they provide better CRM insights, allowing them to create a more effective strategy.

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