Business Goes Green and Pushes Towards Clean Energy

June 24, 2016

10:15 am

Tech may seem like an unlikely accomplice for the green movement, but the two make a better team than expected. Corporations are growing increasingly interested in the push towards renewable energy – with a stunning 72 percent “actively procuring clean energy”

Of course, this interest could be self-motivated as it’s cheaper for corporations to generate their own renewable energy than for them to outsource it from another company. However, profitable businesses can also include socially conscious causes.

The 72 percent of corporations that are exploring clean energy options are mainly exploring wind and solar, with “nearly half have specific renewable energy goals, although the attractive payback was the second-biggest driver for seeking out clean energy.”

Here’s how renewable energy is procured and how it can have a drastic effect on business:
Image via PWC.

Mixing Profit With Awareness

The rush towards claiming clean energy as a business venture also speaks volumes about the importance of sustainability. Other companies have made efforts to push sustainability an important cause, both for profit and the longevity of our enviornment.

But even with businesses like Fruitcycle, Choose Energy and Chemisense making a difference in merging business with sustainability, it can still be hard for businesses outside that realm to make the switch. In that instance, it’s important to understand that the incorporation doesn’t need to be drastic. In fact, the key to many of these sustainable businesses’ success is the ease of incorporation to users’ daily lives and routines.

From solar panels to quiet lawn-mowing, sustainability has a plethora of uses that business can benefit from.

Though sustainability has socially conscious roots, it’s important that businesses know the value of it for generating profit. It’s not only important for our environment and world impact to incorporate more sustainable solutions to our daily lives, but it’s crucial that businesses are driven to explore the value of sustainable business for themselves. Whether it’s pushing towards clean energy or educating others on environmental effects, sustainable business is here to stay.

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