CamFind Makes the World a Giant Store

April 4, 2016

3:47 pm

It has happened to everybody: going through a place that has some nice furniture or seeing an advert where the model is wearing some nice clothes,  and wishing you can know how much those items cost and where to buy them. Sure, it's possible to dive into Google and search for endless hours, but what if there was a better an easier way to do this?

Luckily, there is. CamFind is an app that lets users photograph anything and be instantly presented with information about the product(s), including where to buy and the retail price. This app is developed by a Los Angeles based company with the same name, and is available for iOS and Android.

CamFind seems like something taken out of a sci-fi movie, where by pointing a camera to something you would know what that something is. While other shopping apps are limited, as they only show what is in stock, CamFind offers unlimited options in one convenient place. By simply taking pictures about things they have an interest in, users can know more about products and save all of the purchasing information to go back to later.

This app also has a social aspect, which enables users to interact with each other. It is possible to view our friend's favorites in real time, see a live feed of the most popular searches worldwide, choose to “star” a picture to show you are a fan or “heart” an image to save to your favorites and even review your own or view your friend's favorites. Dominik Mazur, CamFind co-founder and CEO, had is saying on the app:

“This is the future of shopping! Consumers just snap a picture of anything they see to instantly get all of the information about a product. What we are doing is like Pinterest for the real world. Retailers are already instituting visual search in order to make shopping a more seamless experience.”

CamFind uses the CloudSight API, developed by the same team. This is an image recognition API, which can be tested for free and has premium plans available for companies willing to implement it.

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