Meet the 15 Eureka Park Startups Competing at CES Startup Night 2018

It doesn’t matter if you start a company in a coworking space, a dorm room or on your couch, the struggle to build a tech business in this day and age is real. For many founders, getting noticed by investors, potential customers, incubators and other companies, is a necessity to take your product to the next level.

This year at CES 2018 at Eureka Park over 800 startups from around the world will descend on Las Vegas and meet individuals to help boost their business.

To help startups build relationships and get noticed, TechCo and CES, have teamed up again for the CES Startup Night Downtown Las Vegas on January 8 for a showdown with some of the top startups selected from Eureka Park.

It is here 15 top emerging startups from around the world will pitch to an exclusive group of industry leaders and investor judges, competing for a chance to win a spot in the Top 100 Startup of the Year Semifinalists at Innovate Celebrate 2018.

The event is open to tech enthusiasts and CES conference attendees, and offers an opportunity to see some of the hottest, early-stage, tech startups before CES begins. Attendees can enjoy signature cocktails and delicious appetizers while they mingle with investors, experts, media, and other techies in the industry that can help build businesses.

Meet the Startups

Altopa (Seattle, WA)

If you love making custom herbal remedies at home, then Altopa has a gadget for you. Oblend is an at-home, on-demand dispensary that gives people the ability to make their own aromatherapies, oils, vapes and more from legal herbal extracts and essential oils within minutes through their app.

Bartesian (Ontario, Canada)

Bartesian is like the Keurig for cocktails. This single serve, recyclable, and capsule-based craft cocktail maker are used with basic spirits to create delicious cocktails for your backyard parties and celebrations.

Bautiful Box (Cagliari, Italy)

Bautiful Box will keep your pet entertained while at home and will train it too! This is a virtual pet sitter device that challenges them to playful and smart activities, and rewards them when they accomplish a task.

Easy Rain (Turin, Italy)

Easy Rain addresses the problem of vehicle hydroplaning. Their goal is to improve the safety of vehicles by using their intelligent system that can recognize when hydroplaning occurs and sprays jets of fluid counteracting the aquaplaning phenomenon on any wheeled vehicle.

Fing (London, UK)

Cyber security is a big issue these days and the Fing network scanning app can help consumers protect against hackers. The free app helps secure your network, detect any intruders, and troubleshoot Wi-Fi problems on any devices connected to a WI-FI network. The app has been downloaded by over 20 million users, and they also have a Fingbox and Fingkit for the home. The company has been selected as a CES Innovation Awards 2018 Honoree.

HOPii (San Jose, CA)

If you love craft beer, but aren’t sure how to make it, the HOPii, a personal micro-brewery, is here to help. The HOPii is a countertop sized, high-tech fermentation device for your homebrewing needs. Don’t worry about the ingredients or monitoring the process, HOPii takes care of everything and all you need is a mug when it’s ready. This company has been selected as a CES Innovation Awards 2018 Honoree.

ICI Vision (Tel Aviv, Israel)

ICI Vision is focused on helping restore sight for the visually impaired. Their Enhanced Vision Engine (EVE) blends software and hardware into a digital eyewear device that can help restore sight to the visually impaired by projecting images onto healthier parts of the retina.

Lishtot (Jerusalem, Israel)

Lishtot is the first IoT network of consumer products that can test drinking water for contaminants within seconds for an affordable price. The Pro version allows one to test three different types of water (tap, bottled, natural).

MakePi (San Francisco, CA)

MakePad will help get your kids excited for STEM! This is a DIY tablet based on Raspberry Pi that kids can assemble themselves and can learn how to create games, apps, music, and more, through coding.

Pebby (Singapore and Sunnyvale, CA)

Pebby is a robotic ball system with a smart collar that allows you to keep an eye on and entertain their pet via smartphone. Pebby has a built-in 1080p camera to capture the playful moments, a laser pointer for the cat lover, and you can control the ball right from your phone.

Rifft (Biot, France)

Rifft is a company that has designed a multitude of products aimed to enrich our everyday life. Their latest products: Wi Surf (Wireless Surface) will free you from cables and is a fully customizable wireless charging station, and the CT Band, can turn your regular watch strap into a connected high-tech activity tracker watch strap that can attach to any watch face. The company was selected for the CES Innovation Awards Honoree for 2017 and 2018.

Robomart (Santa Clara, CA)

Imagine having your groceries roll up to your door via robot. Robomart is building a fleet of fully autonomous, on-demand, self-driving, grocery stores. Through the app, you can request the robot to stop by and then shop for fresh groceries right at your home, at no extra cost.

Solable (Aix en Provence, France)

Solable is hyper-focused on bringing the basic needs to people all over the world through innovation including: clean drinking water, thermal and electric energy harvest and storage. Their latest product Lavie is a device that uses the power of the sun to turn tap water into mineral water with no additional products or filters. This company was selected for the CES Innovation Awards for 2017 and 2018.

Vaonis (Clapiers, France)

Astronomy can be an activity for everyone. Vaonis designed and manufactured smart telescopes that are easy to use, light and compact. Using their mobile app stargazing could become a regular sharable experience with friends and family.

We.Stream (Los Angeles, CA)

Using public Wi-Fi can be a open door for hackers. We.Stream designed a secure mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for travelers and business people. Through their built-in VPN system and cloud SIM technology, people can work safely around the world. 

Startup Night Downtown Las Vegas

If you want to attend Startup Night, be sure to RSVP here. The event will take place at 6:00pm at the Gold Spike in Downtown Las Vegas on Monday, January 8th.

Transportation: For CES attendees only, there will be a complimentary one-way shuttle service from The Venetian at 5:45 PM and 6:00 PM. The shuttles will have special signage that says: Startup Night Downtown Vegas and will be located at the Sands/Venetian Underground Tour Bus Lobby, located off of Level 1 at the base of the escalators across from the Marco Polo meeting rooms.

Startups: Interested in Getting Noticed?

The 2018 Startup of the Year Application is Now Open! Apply today.

Special thanks to our sponsors and partners – Pledge 1%, Startup Arlington and Lighter Capital!

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