Chuz Is the Recommendation App Millennials Deserve

November 29, 2016

7:00 pm

Millennials are all about convenience. Fortunately, Chuz is on a mission to give them an easy, one-stop shop to find new places to eat, drink and play. Live in Los Angeles and New York City, and available on iOS, Chuz is a smart companion with a curated list of go to spots. It learns your preferences and provides tailored recommendations by time and location. Businesses will be able to connect with consumers in real-time, sending them offers and special deals.

“Millennials prefer to have options,” said Eirini Schlosser, founder of Chuz. “But they want those choices already refined or curated by trusted sources.”

Unlike apps which rely on user-generated content, Chuz pulls suggestions from a blend of editorial content, social media pages, and mass review websites. According to Chuz, 80% of cosmopolitan millennials are unsatisfied with the recommendations they receive from mass user review content. And it doesn’t stop there. These hot spots are then examined and vetted by industry experts, bloggers, sommeliers and more.

The Idea

When Schlosser was living in London, England, she was frustrated with how tedious and difficult it was to find somewhere to eat and hang out. Schlosser wanted an all-in-one app that would manage multiple message threads as well as suggest locations to eat, drink, and meet people.

Coming from a business background, Schlosser knew she had to test the market and see if there was an actual need for an app like Chuz. After three focus groups events, Schlosser decided it was time to work full-time on Chuz and make her idea a reality.

The Future

Chuz has seen high levels of interest from millennials aged between 25 and 35 with disposable income. Their plan is to be fully launched in four to five more cities within the next six months, growing their active user base as well as partnering with relevant companies. The Chuz team is currently based in Los Angeles, which Schlosser lovingly describes as “Silicon Beach.” In an interview with LA Tech Watch, she stated that

”Compared to San Francisco and New York, Los Angeles is a bit more exciting in my opinion,” said Schlosser in an interview with LA Tech Watch. “Silicon Beach is just budding and I’m really happy to have my team in on this action.”

Schlosser has made a name for not only her company but for women in tech as well.

“Be ready to face a world that tells you a girl is too nice, too cute, too young, or too inexperienced. Just remember that quite often you are likely more qualified, more experienced, and more capable than the guy next to you. You just have to work much harder to get the same respect. If someone needs to see a guy in front of them to get the deal done, just send in a guy.. and get the deal done. Just remember, you're the one running the show behind the scenes. Keep on rocking.”

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