These Companies Give Their Employees Free Mental Health Days

Here's a round-up of companies that let you take a day off - or more - when you're in need of a mental reset.

Mental health has a long history of being stigmatized in the workplace.  However, with new research suggesting that 64% of US workers battle with their mental on a daily basis, for many employers it’s becoming an issue they can no longer ignore.

From letting employees work flexibly to providing access to therapy apps and employee assistance programs (EAPs), there are lots of preventative strategies companies can take to safeguard worker wellbeing. And for the times when employees just can’t face showing up to work – there are mental health days.

Mental health days give staff a breather when they need it the most, and as the employment landscape softens its approach to worker wellbeing, an increasing number of high-profile companies have started offering them as a part of their benefits package.

If working for a company that cares about your wellbeing is a non-negotiable, we round up several companies that offer mental health days in 2024.

What Is a Mental Health Day?

A mental health day is a paid day of holiday a worker can take when they’re struggling with stress, anxiety, or other mental health-related challenges. Employees taking mental health days are allowed to step back from their responsibilities and focus on improving their well-being, through relaxing and resting, or doing whatever they enjoy.

Working in a similar way to sick days, mental health days give employees the space to temporarily pause workplace pressures, allowing them to feel more replenished and focused on their return.

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Aside from the obvious advantages for workers, mental health day policies also stand to benefit employers by having a knock-on impact on worker productivity and employee engagement.

While many companies are liberalizing their attitudes towards mental health, finding a job where the perk is offered isn’t a given.

Companies that give employees free mental health days:

1. LinkedIn

The professional networking site LinkedIn, known for humble-bragging, endless job opportunities, and the odd scam, has also garnered a reputation for looking after its workers. In 2021 the Sunnyvale-based company hit headlines for giving its 16,000 employees a paid week off to help them combat burnout.

The company decided to offer the perk to its workforce after finding out that employees had been experiencing higher levels of stress than usual during the pandemic. On top of this collective week off, the company also encourages workers to take mental health days if or when they need them.

2. Nike

Mental health days are also offered by the American athletic retailer, Nike. Similarly to LinkedIn, Nike also provided its workforce with a week off work to unwind and relax last year. According to Nike’s global director of social media engagement ops Sami Unrau, the incentive provided workers with a chance to “step away, rest, and refill their cups.”

They found by giving workers a week to disconnect at the same time, there would be less pressure for them to continually check emails and communication channels. While this week-long benefit was only eligible for members of the head office, all Nike employees are able to take paid “Well-Being Days” if they need a break from work for a day or longer.

3. Duolingo

Duolingo is a language learning app known best for its green owl mascot, Duo, and its unhinged content on social media. Alongside offering mental health benefits like free therapy sessions, Duolingo also shuts the doors of its Pittsburgh offices for two weeks during winter break, giving its workforce a chance to fully recharge over the festive period.

The company has a generous time off policy, which allows employees to take unlimited days off work when they’re sick or are experiencing poor mental health.

4. Signal Advisors

Signal Advisors is a software company based in Detriot, which creates technology for financial advisors. The company prides itself on having an open, people-first culture. As part of this mission, full-time team members are eligible for up to 10 paid health days each calendar year.

On top of this perk, Signal Advisors also offers its workforce, a wellness stipend, flexible working schedules, and ‘summer Fridays – a flexible working policy where employees are able to leave the office on the last workday of the week.

5. Netflix

The US’s biggest streaming service, and home to binge-worthy hits like Squid Game and Stranger Things has gained a reputation for treating their workers well. In tune with their mission to embrace a culture of ‘freedom and responsibility’, and treat each worker like an adult, the streaming giant lets workers take time off whenever they deem necessary.

That’s right. Netflix doesn’t have an official annual leave limit or mental health day policy – the employer simply lets workers take time off whenever they want, for any reason. While it may seem like this system is primed for exploitation, it’s one of many companies that appear to benefit from having an unlimited vacation policy.

Find out what other companies offer unlimited PTO for vacation.

6. NerdWallet

NerdWallet is a US personal finance company that promotes financial products to users. The company offers four collective “Self-Care Days” throughout the year, so its workforce can “take time off for themselves and come back refreshed”. On top of this shared perk, NerdWallet also lets its workers take a day for their mental health whenever necessary.

In addition to mental health days, the San Francisco-based company also offers generous parental leave to new parents, to give them ample time to bond with new family members.

7. Microsoft

Undoubtedly the biggest company in this list, with over 220,000 employees, Microsoft is certainly generous when it comes to giving workers time off. Firstly, employees at the company get unlimited PTO, introduced in 2023 to salaried workers.

Not only that, but it also grants staff 10 ‘corporate holidays’, which can be used as mental health days. Sound good? If so you might want to check out the latest remote jobs at Microsoft.

8. Intuit

If a day off to reset your mental batteries isn’t cutting it, then how about a whole week? Join Intuit, the financial software company, and you can bag yourself a recharge week at the end of the year for some well deserved R&R time. Unlike the other companies in this list however, you don’t get to choose when you take the time off.

Not convinced? Intuit also gives you your birthday off work, too.

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