These 8 Companies Are Hiring for Hundreds of Remote Jobs Right Now

No, remote work isn't dying. Plenty of companies are offering WFH roles, and we've found hundreds you can apply for today.

Remote work has become an increasingly hot topic, and it seems that every week a company decides to drag its staff back to the office. This week it was IBM who told employees to get back to their desks.

However, while some companies are turning their backs on remote work, others are offering more and more positions that allow for working from home. Companies like Amazon, Airbnb and Spotify have all shown a commitment to the remote work lifestyle.

We’ve found hundreds of roles being offered by companies that you can apply for today.


Slack operates a generous remote work policy, and was one of the first to allow its staff to work from home remotely, spurred on by the pandemic, in July 2020. It’s former CEO, Stewart Butterfield, dubbed the company’s approach as remote first, rather than remote only. Not all Slack jobs are 100% remote, but plenty are.

Slack is owned by Salesforce, whose CEO, Marc Benioff, has spoken against remote work in the past, but there is no sign that Slack is planning on reversing its remote work policy.

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Currently the company is offering a number of roles that allow for remote working, including:

  • Product Direct Designer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Lead Product Designer
  • Senior Staff Software Engineer
  • Staff Technical Lead Manager

You can find full details of these jobs and others on the Slack website.


Zendesk is headquartered in San Francisco, but its staff are located worldwide, thanks to the company’s remote first policy.

There are currently over 131 positions available at Zendesk, so those looking for remote work have plenty of options. These include:

  • Staff Data Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Head of Automation
  • Threat Prevention Engineer
  • Security Risk Analyst

The Zendesk website lists all current roles available at the company.


Amazon employs over 1.5 million staff globally, and while not all are remote, it does offer some work from home roles where applicable.

The company describes remote work as being key to its success, stating that by having staff in various locations and time zones, it’s able to best serve its customers.

There are currently 57 full time, and 1 part time position available remotely with Amazon:

  • Robotics Process Compliance Manager
  • Healthcare Privacy Manager
  • Graduate Shift Manager
  • Operations Engineer
  • Pathways Area Manager
  • Penetration Testing Engineer

Find a full list of roles and more information at Amazon’s recruitment site.


Reddit is known as the front page of the internet, and it is home to thousands of communities. It also has a generous remote work policy, curated during the pandemic, and stating that staff are free to work from home, in the office, or a mix of both.

Reddit employees who choose to work from home are entitled to a stipend to spend on office equipment and perks.

It currently has numerous remote jobs available, including:

  • Director of Engineering
  • Content Curator
  • Fullstack Engineer
  • Senior iOS Engineer
  • Staff Data Scientist
  • Senior Revenue Accountant

Visit the Reddit jobs page for more information about these roles and others.


If you’ve ever fancied working in the music industry but never taken the leap, perhaps a job at Spotify would appeal to you. Like some of the other companies we’ve mentioned, Spotify leaned into remote working during the pandemic, and offers its staff generous flexibility when it comes to working from home.

Spotify will also provide workers with the resources they need to ensure their home set up is practical and comfortable.

There are currently 82 roles available at Spotify, including:

  • Product Manager, Ad Targeting
  • Senior Payroll Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • Senior Backend Engineer
  • Research Scientist

Find full details of these roles and others at the Spotify careers site.

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It makes sense that Airbnb would encourage remote work – after all its entire business model encourages travel and seeing the world. Even its CEO is living the remote work lifestyle, flitting from Airbnb property to property and using them as his base of operations.

Remote work at Airbnb is available to most US residents, but be aware that there are a select few states for which this isn’t an option. At the time of writing, these are Alaska, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Alabama, Mississippi, and Delaware.

There are currently over 82 jobs listed with Airbnb, including:

  • Regulatory Response Ambassador
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Staff iOS Engineer
  • Staff Data Scientist
  • Product Marketing Manager

More information can be found at Airbnb’s recruitment portal.


Dropbox states that it is a ‘virtual first’ company, and it really means it – employees are entitled to work remotely. Staff are expected to be 90% remote, and only asked to come into the office for events or big staff meetings.

The reason for this enthusiasm for working from home is that the company believes that as it designs products to enable people to work remotely, it should practise what it preaches.

There are many remote roles available at Dropbox right now, including:

  • Product Operations Coordinator
  • Support Engineer
  • Full Stack Product Engineer
  • Workday Extend Developer
  • SEO Specialist

Full details of all Dropbox roles are listed on its website.


If you haven’t heard of Toast, it’s a Point of Sale provider based in Boston, but offers a selection of remote positions for certain job titles.

It gets better – if you choose to work remotely, the company pays your Wi-Fi costs, and it also offers unlimited vacation. One word of warning, the firm really loves its bread-based puns (it describes its jobs as ‘rolls’ and asks if you’re ‘bready’ for a change) – so if you have an aversion to puns you may want to stay away…

If you can stomach the puns, there are plenty of remote jobs currently on offer at Toast, including:

  • Compliance Manager
  • CPQ Systems Architect
  • Director of Sales
  • Engineering Manager
  • Fullstack Principal Software Engineer

For full details of all Toast jobs, visit the company recruitment website.

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