How Companies and SEOs are Winning With New TLDs

June 30, 2015

4:00 pm

2014 was a big year in the TLD landscape, as batches of new TLDs were released into the wild by ICANN. In a nutshell, rather than the ability to register just the typical .com, .net, .org, .info etc, along with country specific TLDs such as .ca (Canada), .au (Australia), .fr (France) and so on, at this point through 2015, individuals looking to register a new domain name have hundreds of options available to them.

New TLDs are being released for registration pretty much on a monthly basis, so the opportunities available to smart domain investors are going to continue.

You can now register a .buzz, .bargain, .club, .expert, .attorney, .ninja, .training; and the list goes on.

There are hundreds and if you’re not fully up to date with what’s available, just refer here for a look.

Large corporations, celebrities, and brands are well aware of the opportunity (and risks) associated with the new domain name releases. Taylor Swift made sure she picked up and domain names to protect her brand from potential exploitation. Richard Branson reportedly went the same route.

The big question is though, brand protection aside, how are marketers using the new TLDs and more importantly, are we seeing alternate TLDs rank in Google?

Answer = Absolutely!

Example #1: Smart SEOs

You'll be hard pressed to find any internet marketing related domains that are still available. Smart SEOs are picking those up well in advance of the crowd. The domain name Seo.Agency caught my eye during a search the other day and so I took a look at how the site is ranking for the exact match keyword (SEO Agency).

SEO AgencyPosition 6 is pretty good! In this instance it appears as though the site is getting a little bit of a boost in Google results given that “SEO Agency” is being treated as a brand search for this particular website. Nice scoop by whoever got that one!

Example #2: Affiliate Sites

If you pay close attention to a range of serps, you’ll notice that the usual .com, .net and .org results in the serps are becoming increasingly penetrated by alternate TLDs.

I’ve noticed a number of .infos in the serps. .info domains are not new TLDs, but interesting to see them in the search results nonetheless because there is tons of conflicting information about whether .info domains rank in search results. Here are just two examples:

.co, .biz are also occasionally cited.

On the New TLD front though you’ll see some savvy use of new TLDs including;

  • Parent.Guide (a nice vanity URL for a website that reviews parenting products)
  • TelescopeReviews.Space (a play on space exploration and its relevance to telescopes).
  • BestRefrigerator.Reviews (currently ranking in Google for a number of keywords related to refrigerators)

These are just three examples, but with so many fantastic TLDs to take advantage of, and so many exact-match domains now available, take a moment to sift through the new domains that are available and get a slice of the action. It may not be too long from now until you find yourself wishing you did.

What are the best TLDs available?

It varies wildly, depending on what industry you're in. But some nice looking TLDs with a wide mix of potential uses include:

  • .buzz
  • .bargain
  • .consulting
  • .expert
  • .guru
  • .ninja
  • .reviews
  • .tips
  • .website
  • .training
  • .services
  • .solutions

A word of caution – Some come at a hefty price!

Fancy SEO.Consulting? That'll cost you over $100k:

seo consulting

How about HowToGet.Rich? A little over $3000 for that one:


It's not all bad news though and there are dozens of domains to suit a range of business uses for the price of basic registration, so some time to find a nice, available new TLD that suits your online aspirations!

Image Credit: Flickr/Graham Smith


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