5 Strategies for Conversion Rate Optimization

June 14, 2015

10:00 pm

Every business is looking for new and innovative methods to optimize their website for higher conversion rates. While many marketers try the hit & miss rule that eventually leads to the discovery of the best tactics that work for them, any successful online marketing strategy has to make conversion rate optimization (CRO) its main target. It, in fact, should be the prime purpose behind any marketing effort. According to data released by the marketing institute, Marketing Sherpa, 68 percent of all B2B business website optimize landing page content to attract a new sales lead for future conversion. Conversion Rate Optimization typically employs the use of specific tools that help marketers effectively manage their campaigns.

So, let’s take a look at some business websites that have perfectly executed conversion rate optimization strategies with measurable and substantial success, and why you should try to implement them, as well.

1. Use Friendly Pop-up Forms to Generate Subscribers

Using pop-up forms to convert visitors into subscribers is a tried and tested business lead strategy. Snapdeal uses it with overwhelming success, as the website gets instant email subscribers using credible, catchy, yet user-friendly pop-ups. For every kind of website, whether ecommerce, news sites or blogs, nothing is more important than having a ton of subscribers. These subscribers generate conversions and also increase your customer retention rate.

2. Create Personalized Offers and Custom Deals

Every customer wants to feel important and wants a deal that has been customized according to his/her needs, or at least feels that the deal has been personalized. And since all major brands are already going about creating customized offers for their customers, you’re also going to have to start making some personalized offers if you want to increase your conversion rates. A great way to do it is by offering some type of additional discount based on previous purchases or spends, just like TradeMachines has been doing with great results. These are a variety of other ideas that you can use to effectively increase conversions. A study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, a fact-based business intelligence research provider, has further revealed that personalized emails can improve click-through rates by 14 percent and conversion rates by 10 percent.

3. Identify Customer Needs and Offer Options

Most site visitors are on your website because they are looking to fulfill a specific need with the least amount of time or effort, making it extremely important to design and create a site that satisfies their needs. The Call to Action (CTA) button on the Guestcrew website is perfect example:

  • It identifies the visitor needs and presents them with a blue colored CTA that provokes them to start a social campaign.
  • The user, whose ultimate goal is to start a social campaign, will automatically be prompted to click on the button. This is a great example of creating CTA text based on a user’s intention.
  • Social marketing campaigns can gain a lot of traction with something like Marketo’s 411 strategy.

4.  Make Your CTA Button Easy to Identify

As elementary as it may sound, your CTA elements should be brightly colored and highly visible to users, some of which might miss a dull or uninteresting CTA button. The BroadconnectUSA website uses a unique combination of orange and white color to highlight its main CTA text, this ensures that:

  • They get more leads as people call them directly.
  • Appropriate calls to action are asked in for the concerned issue.
  • Sizing, positioning coloring – everything matters with your CTA buttons, so follow the established best practices.

5. Make a Human Connection Using Smileys and Emojis

In the digital age where marketers no longer have the ability to physically interact with potential customers, the use of smileys and emojis act as the human touch in creating business relationships. Websites like LaCapitale’s home insurance have set a new standard in online, visual-based establishment of emotions. This revolutionary idea stems from the most basic of human psychologies; people associate smiles with positivity and honesty, and thus a website, link or image with a lot of smiling faces instills a sense of trust and confidence that helps to increase conversions.

When it comes to conversion optimization, the Internet is awash with success stories of modest websites that soon boasted of increased Returns on Investment (ROI). So, no matter how ineffective we might find online marketing to be, there’s probably something you’re not doing right, or missed out completely. Gather information on how freely available tools like Google Analytics, and premium packages like CrazyEgg, ClickPanel, and ClickTale can help you execute your conversion optimization strategies in a controlled, structured, and result centric manner. Mix and match the best practices being followed by businesses and websites discussed above, and begin savoring the flavors of better conversions, more sales, and sustained success.

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