8 Coolest Ways People Are Using Drones

June 14, 2016

4:40 pm

Until fairly recently, drones were not mainstream. Only a select few people had them or understood their potential. Today, this is no longer the case. It’s not unusual to go to a local park and witness people flying drones where they might have flown kites only a couple of years ago. Drones can be purchased in stores and off of the internet for only a few hundred dollars. As drones have become more common place, people have gotten much more creative and resourceful in the ways that they are using them. Check out these awesome ways that people are using drones.

Social Activism

One of the most exciting applications for using drones might be in social activism. Activists can use drones to monitor the treatment of animals and the conditions in factory farms. In fact, Smithfield Farms suffered a huge PR hit when a drone filmed the company spraying pig waste onto a neighboring community. They can employ drones to catch polluters in the act of dumping waste into waterways or illegally burning. Drones can also be used to monitor law enforcement behavior in areas where there have been allegations of harassment or brutality.

Search and Rescue

Until recently search and rescue operations were usually conducted solely on the ground with the occasional help from a helicopter if it was available (or afffordable). This process was often slow, expensive, and frequently ineffective. Now, search and rescue teams can employ drones with remote cameras that can help them to pin point the exact location of the subjects in question. Then, rescuers can quickly reach them.

Real Estate Photography

In the past, when a real estate agent wanted aerial photography of a large property, they would have to go the expense of hiring a professional company to do this at great expense. Now, they have a new option. According to DronesGlobe, “With an investment of just a few hundred dollars and a bit of practice, realtors can use drones to photograph premium properties and even create videos as a means to entice potential buyers.”

Delivery of Blood and Medical Supplies

Imagine being on the ground as a member of a medical team after a natural disaster. You are in desperate need of blood, bandages, medications, and other items. Unfortunately, most roads are impassable and travel in and out of the area can take days. This time that you don’t have. Thankfully, here come the drones. Volunteers and employees of various medical, government, and charitable organizations can use drones to deliver the supplies you need. In addition to this, drones can be used to deliver medical supplies to developing nations, remote areas, and war zones.

Animal Protection

Many governments and organizations are now using drones to protect animals. In Africa, drones are now being employed in efforts to stop poaching. In addition to this, researchers can use drones to monitor the behavior, breeding patterns, and migratory habits of endangered animals without creating further problems by encroaching on the animal’s’ space.

World Exploration

There are still parts of the world that are essentially off limits to human beings. Exploring these areas puts people at risk for death or illness due to exposure to extreme weather, attacks from animals, and for contracting parasites or infections. Scientists and researchers can now use drones to get further into these areas than ever before.


Journalists can use drones for multiple purposes. The first, although certainly not the most honorable, use is for paparazzi to photograph celebrities in locations that would be otherwise off limits. Another use is covering the action in war zones. Finally, drones can also be used to provide aerial coverage during riots, protests, or even natural disasters. This type of coverage could have the additional effect of keeping people honest and on their best behavior during these events.

Document Delivery

The government of Dubai has employed the use of drones in the delivery of important government documents. This was implemented as a means of quickly and inexpensively delivering time sensitive materials to eager recipients. The drone delivery program in Dubai also includes delivery of medications and other lightweight items.


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