Copenhagen Wheel Officially Releases, Makes Most Bikes an E-Bike

April 11, 2017

12:50 pm

At the end of 2013, a soon-to-be robotics company took the tech world by storm when they announced a new kind of wheel that would turn any bike into an e-bike. Dubbed the Copenhagen Wheel, the first of it’s kind wheel, which acts similar to how a Prius stores power from slowing down and breaking, is officially hitting the market. Article after article has stated the wheel was coming soon, with competitors launching and fizzling in a manner of weeks. But the prodigal son has finally arrived in the form of either a specialized wheel, or one of two bikes that have the wheel pre-built into it.

The spinoff of MIT, Superpedestrian is today announcing the release of the Copenhagen Wheel. Using a combination of machine learning and a rider’s pedaling power, the Copenhagen Wheel  will turn the red hub into a system with an output of up to ten times that of manual bicycle riding.

“People are smart and can adapt to technology, but good technology should be smart enough to adapt to people,” said Assaf Biderman, founder and CEO of Superpedestrian. “We set ourselves an ambitious goal: integrating with a rider’s body in a way that makes you feel naturally stronger. It took over three years of engineering, but I can finally say we made that dream a reality.”

From beach cruisers to mountain bikes, the Copenhagen Wheel is all about adaptability. Using a quick release and popping a chain off and back on, the wheel can easily be added to most bikes. According to the team at Superpedestrian, the wheel contains a combination of sensors, computers, abattery, and motor that respond based on how each individual rider uses it.

Controlled through an app, a rider then chooses how much boost they want added to their ride, which in turn controls how much power is stored within the Copenhagen Wheel. The newest version of the wheel also includes a self-diagnostic system that works similar to Automatic Pro’s car monitor, and the ability to disable a rider’s bike within range of a Bluetooth connection.

Priced at $1500 for the standalone Copenhagen Wheel or $2000 for a bike with the wheel built in, the company will also offer monthly financing through Affirm starting at $95 and $135 respectively.

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