Dashlane Unveils New COVID-Secure Business Packages

With a 237% rise in data breaches due to the WFH surge, Dashlane has expanded its business packages to offer extra security.

Dashlane has announced today that it is adding two new packages to its password management solution, with Dashlane Team and Dashlane Business.

These include advanced security features such as two-factor authentication, reporting tools, and, in the case of Dashlane Business, single sign-in.

With 2020 seeing a rise in employees working from home, and successful hacking attempts, password managers are an essential tool in the fight to keep sensitive company data private.

Dashlane’s New Business Plans

Dashlane has updated its packages to include Dashlane Team (previously Teams), and Dashlane Business:

Dashlane Team

Dashlane Team is the entry-level business solution, and offers a security dashboard, group sharing, two-factor authentication, and a built-in public Wi-Fi VPN. In addition, all users get a free personal Premium account.

While it’s the cheaper option of the two business packages, it still offers some attractive security features, including compromised password alerts, and the ability to remotely delete company accounts. It is available across unlimited devices.

Dashlane Team is priced at $5 per user per month.

Dashlane Business

As expected, Dashlane Business comes with all the features offered by Dashlane Team, but with extra security aspects — notably the inclusion of single sign-in, allowing the user to sign in to multiple sites with one log-in. With it, users will no longer need to create and memorize a master password for their Dashlane vault, but instead will be able to use the service through credentials that are already used to sign into other tools within their company.

In addition, Dashlane Business users will also be given access to a free Premium Family account.

Dashlane Business is priced at $8 per user per month.

Password Health and Dark Web Monitoring

Both Dashlane Team and Dashlane Business also benefit from the relatively new features offered by Dashlane, including Password Health and Dark Web Monitoring.

With Password Health, employees can see ‘health scores’ for both their personal and business accounts. These illustrate weak, compromised or reused passwords, and can be quickly updated with the password generator to ensure strong account security.

Company admins can also view these reports, and use them to aid employees who are struggling with their password health, encouraging best practice.

Dark Web Monitoring is also available on both business plans. This enables users to add up to five email addresses, including their work address, and have Dashlane continually scan for any misuse of them. Should any personal information or compromised data be found, the user will be alerted immediately.

‘A business is only as safe as its weakest link, which is often risky employee passwords. Dashlane is the only password manager with advanced reporting that tracks password improvement over time and is vital for businesses to stay secure if a breach occurs’. – Derek Snyder, Chief Product Officer at Dashlane

Does my Business Need a Password Manager?

According to new research, the average person needs to remember around 100 passwords. With the sheer volume of information that employees are expected to remember, it’s easy to slip into poor password practice, such as reusing existing passwords, making up simple ones, or writing them down.

In all of these scenarios, it’s very easy for accounts to be compromised by determined hackers, putting personal, and company data at risk. This is especially true in 2020, with many workforces operating from home remotely, outside the tight security of the office infrastructure. One study has put the increase in data breaches in 2020 at 237%, compared to 2019, with hackers taking full advantage of the current situation.

A business password manager removes a lot of the concerns that companies may have about poor password practice from their employees, and some, like Dashlane, offer comprehensive reporting tools to give full visibility of how the company is handling passwords, as well as real time reporting on compromises.

With packages from companies such a Dashlane starting at $5 per user, it’s a wise investment in security for any company.

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