Due: a Digital Wallet System Made for Businesses

August 31, 2016

10:20 am

The concept of digital wallet is definitely not new. They have been known to provide a different way to make payments. Essentially, they make life easier for those who don’t want pay using a check, cash or credit cards (directly).

Digital wallets can be used for many products or services, and also to transfer money to people overseas. All this is mostly made with absolute ease and convenience. There are several digital wallets in the market, and their popularity keeps rising. PayPal, Google Wallet, Square, and Apple Pay are among the most well-known.

Due, a fairly new digital wallet, is also riding this wave. Aiming to make online payments simple, it is more focused on businesses. Due offers credit card processing for online business and promises the lowest rates – starting at 2.7 percent for all card types – and they promise to beat any lower fees. There are no other hidden or monthly fees, nor per transaction costs.


Advantages of Digital Wallets

Having a digital wallet ensures that your and the client’s financial and personal information are both kept confidential. This is even more essential for transactions happening virtually and/or over long distances, in which the seller has little or no client access “in the flesh”. On the other side, customers will obviously feel more secure as well, as they do not have to enter personal and banking information on a store they know little about.

Due can deliver all this security, as this digital wallet takes security seriously. It tracks all transactions, from the moment they are made until the money reaches the respective bank accounts, and has several fraud monitoring and detection processes in place, which actually use machine-learning technology to become more effective with time.

With Due, bigger businesses have special-tailored rates: companies with an annual revenue over $250,000 are qualified for custom rates. In addition, Due knows that businesses differ from one another. It offers expert guides for all types of businesses, such as freelancing or consultancy.

Nowadays, digital wallets are undergoing a complete remodeling in order to fit the needs of consumers and brands. Due knows this, and offers a novel, versatile and simple product that will surely help many online businesses thrive. If you are looking for such a solution, be sure to know more about it take a look at Due.

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