Easily Order Sit-Down Meals in Restaurants with Allset

December 4, 2015

10:39 am

Going out to have lunch can sometimes be a harsh task, with overcrowded restaurants, huge queues to get in, and so on. However, there is now a new app that promises to make the whole process much more easier, not only for busy patrons but also for restaurants: Allset is a food ordering and restaurant reservations app, available on iOS and Android devices.

This app is very promising and has been getting a lot of attention lately – so much that, a few months ago, it raised $1.5 million in funding, with Alexandr Chernyak and the SMRK VC Fund leading the round. After being successfully tested at twelve popular restaurants in San Francisco and Palo Alto, every restaurant in the United States is eligible to use Allset.

Patrons benefit a lot by using Allset, as they can save up to 40 minutes of the time that is usually spent eating out during the lunch rush by booking a table, pre-ordering their food and pre-paying the bill. With this, their lunch can be served upon arrival, and there is no need to wait for the check at the end of the meal.

But restaurants have benefits too when using Allset. They can reach busy diners by offering them faster services, increase table turnover by eliminating all the delays with food preparation and bill payments and they can accept orders, reservations and payments with a single touch.

Allset is very easy to install on restaurants, and it works well with other table reservation systems. Also, the price charged by this service is not that high: $2, split equally by the restaurant and the diner (or diners, as that $1 is charged per reservation and not per person).

The impact of this app is felt not only by restaurants, as their efficiency is highly increased, but also by diners, as it makes them spend less time on meals and eliminates some bad habits like eating quickly or even having to eat on their desks.

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