These Satirical Pop Culture Emojis Aren’t Pulling Any Punches

December 24, 2014

2:30 pm

Amidst the ruckus surrounding Sony Pictures, North Korea, and “The Interview” these days, it’s nice to see that some people still have a sense of humor. Seemingly overnight Emo-Emoji, the brainchild of internationally renowned artist Le Messie, launched a digital sticker app for iOS.

The app contains dozens of shareable emojis based purely in satire, and they're specifically created to mirror the best in today's pop culture including icons like Kim Jong-un, Kanye West, and Karl Lagerfeld.

“Our content is completely original, updated on a daily basis and heavily inspired by present and iconic pop culture,” says Le Messie. “No one has yet to do this, and we aren’t afraid of controversy. We’re going to be as edgy as we can get away with under Apple.”

Alongside the app, which is slated for public release in January 2015, Emo-Emoji will also be producing a fast fashion line of clothing and merchandise featuring the app's popular stickers. The brands bring an interesting twist to the production of the line: production of physical products will be entirely user-dictated. The more shares an emoji gets via the app, the higher its probability of becoming a physical sticker, t-shirt, hate, skate deck, or bean bag.

These satirical stickers are meant to help people embrace pop-culture to enhance everyday conversations about the world.


Emo-Emoji's digital stickers are created to mirror the bold satire, comedy, and mischief that Rogen and Franco demonstrate in their movie, “The Interview”. And while they’re not yet released, we got the inside look at some of their upcoming stickers.

Kim Jong-un busting a move Gangnam-style over a PS4

PSY kim jong-un

My Little Pony’s #BreakTheInternet

my little kim


Creepy Karl Lagerfeld

karl screenshot

Emo-Emoji will be attending The Agenda Trade Show to demo their digital to physical merchandising concept from January fifth to sixth in Long Beach, California. Buyers, distributors and press from top Action Sports, Lifestyle & Independent brands will have the opportunity to learn how they can partner with Emo-Emoji there. I can't wait to see the full arsenal of stickers.

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