7 Ways to Encourage Collaboration Among Your Team

March 9, 2017

10:30 am

Building a collaborative team can only help the company come up with new and innovative strategies to move your company forward. And it gives the team a chance to cross pollinate ideas and improve interaction between employees. We asked five entrepreneurs what they do to best encourage collaboration among your team. Here’s what they have to say…

Keep Discussions Focused and Everyone Informed

Once there are more than three or four people discussing things, the amount of time lost starts to mount up. Collaborations are similar. Small teams (2-3) can make something shine, but there are diminishing returns. You’ve got to keep the discussions focused. Beyond this, it is great to keep everyone up to date with what people are doing to avoid duplication of work. Tools like Slack or Yammer can also help.

– Ben Gamble of ViewRanger Skyline

Build a Culture of Connectivity

Collaboration is an expectation, and teamwork is required internally and with client teams. Everything we do involves teamwork and there are many moving parts and communication is key. Being a veteran-owned business, collaboration is embedded in our company culture. Team lunches, meetings, emails, and utilizing all forms of communication are helpful to build connectivity.

– Angela Delmedico of Elev8 Consulting Group

Encourage Communication

The biggest problems I’ve seen in the workplace have always tied back to one thing: people don’t talk to one another. An employee might complain about another at the water cooler without ever talking to the person he or she has a problem with. Make it clear that employees are expected to sit down and talk their problems out in a reasoned fashion and work to resolve any interpersonal issues that arise.

– Steven Buchwald of Buchwald & Associates

Make It About Specific Goals

Being proactive when it comes to conversations and communication when it deals with work means demonstrating the culture you want in the company. And when it comes to feedback and iterating towards improvement, and even in the most challenging times, being proactive with a problem is best. Always take five minutes to build rapport and sync with each other as humans first.

– Arry Yu of GiftStarter

Give Your Office an Open Layout

We have an open office layout at Socialfly, which encourages collaboration and teamwork. We also schedule team brainstorming times which always gets the creative juices flowing.

– Steph Jill Cartin of Social Fly NY

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