6 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Digital Marketing

April 10, 2017

2:20 pm

The marketing world is constantly in flux. If you can't keep up with the trends, you're going to have trouble keeping up with your competition. Whether it's social media or on-going campaigns, you need to make an effort if you want to see results.

We asked six entrepreneurs what they do to leverage digital marketing today that they couldn't five years ago? Check out their answers below and make marketing a priority:

Connecting Directly to Decision Makers

Now more than ever, entrepreneurs have numerous digital options for connecting directly to decision makers, skipping the past old-school methods of gate keeping. This has dramatically decreased prospecting time and increased the likelihood of landing a meeting. Additionally, through digital marketing technology, it's also possible for most of these meetings to take place virtually.

– Steven Newlon of SYN3RGY Creative Group


Founded in 2009, Kickstarter kicked open the door for an entirely new mode of marketing, though it only really came to prominence in the past five years or so. Giving people a stake in one of your products is an incredible way to generate both awareness and brand loyalty. A successful crowdfunding campaign can raise funds in the seven-figure range.

– Steven Buchwald of Buchwald & Associates

Analyzing Competition

One of the major accomplishments of digital marketing is the ability to track competitors. With SEO tools such as Ahrefs, I'm able to monitor how my competitors are marketing and follow suit on effective methods.

– Ajmal Saleem of Suprex Learning

Cross-Platform Re-targeting

In the last few years, entrepreneurs have gained the ability to stay top of mind with their best customers and partners across several different networks and publications by leveraging personal data (like email addresses and telephone numbers). Instead of flooding someone's inbox, business owners can now drip content across email, social, and digital publications to cast nurturing brand impressions.”

– Justin Moodley of LASANAN

Reaching Your Audience

The total reach we can achieve today with digital marketing is much greater and easier than it was five years ago. LinkedIn and Twitter, for example, make it much easier to reach your audience and beyond in a matter of seconds. This wasn't nearly as readily available without LinkedIn's personal blog capabilities. You can self-publish on LinkedIn and reach millions in seconds.

– Ben Walker of Transcription Outsourcing, LLC

Engaging Your Audience

Now you can target and grow your audience by creating and curating engaging content. Social media gives you the opportunity to track business and consumer behavior to navigate your audience's interests and attract them to what you are marketing/selling.

– Ariel Sultan of Food Guru

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