Everwaters, a Better Water Filter Developed for the Real World

December 1, 2016

7:00 pm

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the quality of drinking water sources is essential to humanity's well-being and health. It also reports that the vast majority (88%) of diarrheal deaths in the world is caused by unsafe water, sanitation or hygiene, making a clear indication for just how correct WHO's claim is.

Most of us living in developed countries take this for granted. The water pouring from our faucets, while not necessarily tasty, is safe to drink. However, recent events, like the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, showed that even developed countries are not safe from water-related problems.

This fear leads people to buy a water filter in order to make sure that what they drink is safe and pure. There is a wide array of alternatives in the market, but not all of them are as robust as Everwaters, a new water filter that has just recently been launched.

One might think that this is just another water filter, but it's not. In order to understand the importance of having clean drinking water, the developers of Everwaters went to Oloitokitok, Kenya, where they learnt all about access to clean water. They talked to locals in order to hear their stories, and tested a variety of different sources to get an understanding of the problem.

Coincidentally, those developers returned to the United States at the same time as news began to break about Flint water crisis. Studying the problem, they understood that all states in the country had a water system that failed at least one lead test, so they worked to develop a product that could tackle these issues.

The result of that work is Cowa, Everwaters' advanced water filters substantially. Not only does it feature a great design, coming in two fashions (Cowa T, transparent, and Cowa S, semi-transparent), it removes about 15 times more contaminants than other competitors.

Most alternatives only go so far as to reduce the presence of a few contaminants, namely chlorine, zinc, mercury, copper, and cadmium. Everwaters' protection is much broader, filtering the aforementioned chemical contaminants, in addition to lead, arsenic, barium, thallium, antimony, selenium, manganese, beryllium and iron.

The action of Everwaters filters goes far beyond chemical contaminants, acting at a biological level as well. They filter E. coli, pseudomonas and klebsiella bacteria, cryptosporidium, giardia protozoa, and additional impurities like pharmaceuticals and pesticides, making it one of the most effective option in the consumer water filter market.

Everwaters is built with natural ceramic and coconut, as well as 100% recyclable and BPA-free plastic. It has a total volume of 4 gallons, requiring no batteries to work and lasting at least 6 months before needing replacement.

There is currently a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign going on, in order to start the production of Everwaters' water filters. There, it is possible to get the water filters for less than their retail price – Cowa S will retail for $65, and Cowa T for $75. Everwaters was also recently featured on CNBC's Millionaire Inventor, where they presented these filters.

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