4 Exciting Opportunities For Developers — That Aren’t Apps

October 27, 2016

8:30 pm

If you’ve learned to code after reading stories about startups it’s likely you’ve already fallen into the trap.

You want to build the next big social app, and your exit strategy involves ending up with millions of dollars in your bank account. If that isn’t enough, you plan to do everything within a few years. It’s easy to become mesmerized by the startup world, but working 16 hours per day and sleeping at your desk isn’t everything.

There are going to be lots of exciting opportunities out there and they’ll pay well. Let’s look at what you might get to work on if you focus on more than social apps.

Smart Fridge Tech

If you work from home you’ll probably be so busy coding you forget to eat, but in the real world people like to consume food. Unfortunately, they often forget to buy any until it’s too late and there is nothing left.

New refrigerator technology will let people order food directly from a panel on the door, and it will know exactly what you need as it scans everything you take out. Sounds exciting, right? Well, it’s only the beginning, and in the coming years you’ll get to work your software developer magic on lots of brand new smart appliances.

It’s a great industry to get into because it’s going to take over the world. There will also be plenty of opportunities for you to become a co-founder in a company once you’ve proved your worth.

Companies That Need Developers

Everyone is sick and tired of listening to why eCommerce websites should be responsive these days. The only sites that have failed to take action must be in hibernation. Still, although it’s been talked about so much it is not enough. If a large retailer thinks it’s going to find success by making their site mobile responsive they’re in trouble.

It’s not that they’ll stop making money. The main problem is the fact they’ll potentially leave millions of dollars on the table.

Companies making enough money will be hiring developers to build special features unique to their store, and everything will revolve around conversion optimization. How much will you make working for a large company growing slowly vs one where the profits could increase with everything you do?

Wearable Technology

The current technology you can wear at the moment is only in its infancy, which sounds strange when you consider how revolutionary Google Glass is.

Up until that point, the most unbelievable things were wrist straps with the ability to tell you how many steps you walked or how fast your heart was beating. It won’t be long until the wearable technology is a part of your daily life, just like the smart appliances we’ve already talked about.

Can you imagine a wrist strap that stops you from buying food at a restaurant? It will know how many calories you need to eat every day in order to lose weight, and it will begin to flash if the food you’re about to buy will take you over the limit. That is only a basic example of what we’ll have, and it will be people like you who take us to the next level.

Imaginary Worlds of AR

As a developer, it must feel like you live in an imaginary world at the moment. You never see reality because you’ve always got your head in the computer.

Other people will start to feel the same way, except their experiences will be a lot more fun. That is because augmented reality is going to become the next big thing before we finally make the move into full-blown virtual reality worlds like in Ready Player One.

If you watch Shark Tank you might have caught the episode with the Virtuix Omni, a machine that will make you feel like you’re running around in a virtual environment while you play video games. Now would be a great time to get involved in the industry before it explodes. You can’t say living in a virtual world isn’t going to be more fun than building a random social app.

So Many Opportunities To Choose From

It’s completely fine if you dream of building the next Instagram or Snapchat. After all, it’s wildly popular at the moment and easy to raise money.

Just remember there are more opportunities out there for developers and you might enjoy them even more. It’s likely you’ll make lots of money no matter what you do, so look carefully for those hidden gems.

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