ExpressVPN Protects Data Privacy by Removing Servers from India

New data laws in India require VPNs to save user information for at least five years, so ExpressVPN is removing its servers.

VPN users can rest easy knowing that their data is safe, even from questionable data privacy laws in India, as ExpressVPN has decided to remove servers from the country to better protect user information.

The whole point of a VPN is to protect your data from external sources. These handy business tools hide your internet activity and are generally used to improve overall security.

However, news data laws in India threatened to compromise that security by requiring VPNs to store user data. Fortunately, the provider took a stand.

ExpressVPN Removes Indian Servers

Announced in a company blog post, ExpressVPN has made the “very-straightforward” decision to remove all servers based in India. The move is directly in response to a new law in India, which requires VPN providers to store user data for at least five years after use.

“As countries’ data retention laws shift, we frequently find ourselves adjusting our infrastructure to best protect our users’ privacy and security. In this case, that has meant ending operations in India.”

Fortunately, from a user standpoint, there will be “minimal difference” in how this affects the service. If you’re in India, you’ll have no problem accessing ExpressVPN and it will make for a great way to get around the strict data collection laws that are now in place.

Additionally, if you’re interested in using ExpressVPN to access servers “in India,” you’ll still be able to remotely, but the physical servers will actually be running out of Singapore and the UK. Just select “India via Singapore” or India via UK” to get started.

Is ExpressVPN a good VPN for business?

If this news says anything, it shows you that ExpressVPN is absolutely a good option for businesses looking to improve their cybersecurity efforts. After all, not many companies would take such a strong stance in favor of privacy, particularly when it’s likely hitting ExpressVPN in the bottom line.

“ExpressVPN refuses to participate in the Indian government’s attempts to limit internet freedom. As a company focused on protecting privacy and freedom of expression online, we will continue to fight to keep users connected to the open and free internet with privacy and security, no matter where they are located.”

As far as actual functionality is concerned, we do believe that ExpressVPN  is a solid provider when it comes to this kind of business resource. However, our research showed that it’s not necessarily the best option on the market. Our research shows that the best VPN for business is Perimeter 81, as it offers a similarly strict no-logging policy, functionality across all devices, and zero-trust security model.

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