Falco Launches Indoor and Outdoor eBike With 100 Mile Range

January 5, 2017

5:50 pm

Though not a new concept, the conversion of bikes into eBikes has gained in popularity over the years, especially thanks to crowdfunding campaigns. Announced today at CES, Dulles-based Falco eMotors is launching their own take on eBike conversion kits. Like those before it, Falco offers a solution to turn any bike into an outdoor hybrid eBike, but with a slight twist. In addition to the hybrid conversion, Falco’s offering also allows the bike to become an interactive indoor power trainer.

Falco eDrive

Falco’s latest offering uses direct drive technology to offer riders more than a 100 mile range, and achieving speeds up to 28 mph. The wheel is powered by lightweight lithium batteries that are mounted to the bike frame.

“This is an extraordinary and exciting development for the eBike industry,” said Falco eMotors President Rakesh Dhawan. “It brings the most unusual combination of zero-carbon, high-speed commuting and advanced training into one core direct-drive technology with wonderful benefits to the end user. It is truly the most innovative technology in the eBike space.”

For those attending CES, Falco will be accepting pre-orders on site starting at $1150 for the conversion kit or just under $2,000 for the bike and trainer.

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