5 Online Dating Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur

February 26, 2016

2:00 pm

It may seem like the hardest part of online dating is picking which service to use, but for busy professionals another issue quickly crops up: You just don't have enough time to make it work. Finding the space and energy to tailor your profile, go through responses, and establish connections – let alone finding time for a date – can quickly get overwhelming with an intense schedule. Check out these top steps to successful online matches even with a demanding job (or company) to manage.

Find the Right Dating App

There are a lot of dating apps out there – which is good news, because it gives you a chance to pick one that matches your lifestyle the best. OKCupid is a traditional (and freemium) standby that uses a lot of metrics to help get you better matches. Tinder, of course, lets you quickly swipe through options.  But if you're out of your twenties, you'll need to pay a fee to use it and then figure out how does Tinder work.  Hinge makes things less random by focusing on your social media acquaintances and Facebook friends of friends. Hitch lets friends set you up so you can devote more time to other projects. You can specify a date with HowAboutWe, or have the ladies make the first move with Bumble…there's a lot of options out there, so find a personal favorite!

Go on Group Dates

Group dates are a great alternative if you are struggling to find the time to fill out dating app profiles. While there are some apps that help with this, relying on friends or coworkers can also work. A group date is easy because other people can rake the reigns as far as planning and even set you up if you trust them enough – all you need to do is show up.

Give Certain Job Details on Your Profile

The never ending guides on how to create online dating profiles will cover most of the important stuff, but we will add one small suggestion: put a few job specifics into your descriptions. We're not talking about a generalized title or a few words about how you love your company's brand. We mean specifics about what you do and when you do.  Your goal here is to show potential dates that your schedule may be a bit full, and that some flexibility when it comes to scheduling would be greatly appreciated.

Set Aside a “Date Time”

If your schedule is both maddening and uncertain, here's another simple trick that will help greatly with dating life: Make a weekly date time. This is a part of the day set aside every week at the same time, reserved for dating so that you always have a spot open. Go into your calendar and block out a time ASAP so that it doesn't get filled up with anything else! However, you have to exert some willpower – and positive thinking – to keep from filling that space up with appointments at crunch time.

Create Separate Email and IM for Communication

Look, it's not hard to create a separate email for romance – in fact, it's so easy that this should really be your first step. Creating a new Gmail account, for example, only takes a few minutes and will make your life much, much easier when juggling work and online dating. This is also an ideal step to avoid procrastination and distractions when on the job. How you sync your different email accounts between devices is up to you, but try to maintain a clear method so that things don't get too confusing.

Don't Ignore the Power of Coffee

A dinner or heading out for drinks after work can be fun…but also damaging to your schedule, especially if you've got evening work to do. Any good date will last far beyond dinner, which is problematic if you also have business responsibilities. The solution? Start out with easy, quick coffee dates around lunch time. This allows you to save time and figure out your chemistry before planning a more serious – and time consuming – evening date.

Make Some “Standardized” Replies

It doesn't matter what app or service you use, you're going to get asked the same questions a lot if you spend any time in the online dating world. If you really want to save energy and manage your time well, then create standardized replies.

Up Your Skype Game

If you can't meet in person right away, don't be afraid to suggest a Skype session (or Facetime, etc.) as an alternative. It's much more acceptable these days, and gives you plenty of options when it comes to time. Here's a big hint, though – a Skype date is still a date. You and your surroundings should look sharp and prepared.

Filter Responses the Smart Way

Paid sites tend to do some filtering for you, but you also have your own filtering options to choose from (usually) in both the service and email. Use these handy filtering tools to cut down on responses that you really aren't interested and streamline the process. A little tinkering here can go a long, long way and cut down on frustration, too.

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