FlyKly New York Electric Bicycle Startup Takes On Scooter Market With Pedals

October 30, 2011

2:33 pm

If you are looking for way to navigate around your city, you might want to check out the New York-based startup FlyKly. FlyKly offers a electric bicycle in two models: the sleek, forward-thinking Modern (shown here and above left) or the rugged, classical feel of the Vintage (shown here and above right). Both come at the same price, $1,990.

Unlike the Boston-based Pietzo electric bike, FlyKly saves money and is eco-friendly – a dollar of electricity stored in its lithium-ion batteries powers 1,000 miles of riding. So you could make it halfway across the United States on one charge. Not bad. FlyKly is also quiet because it is electric.

Since it is technically a bicycle, not a scooter, it offers pedals to encourage you to burn some calories while you travel, or alternatively, power the ride if you run out of juice. That said, the pedals seem to be positioned at a slightly inconvenient spot to pedal comfortably. So it appears that the FlyKly is really a scooter that does not have to adhere to scooter laws thanks to its bike pedals – it’s an electric bike not a scooter. Brilliant!

If you are in New York, you can schedule a test drive, and if you do buy one, it comes with a 15 day risk-free trial and a one year warranty. You can order yours today here and maybe roadtrip somewhere warm for the winter. Safety first, you may want to grab a cool helmet too. Enjoy.


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