Founder Stories: Teenpreneur Tamir Vigder on Being a Growth Hacker

December 30, 2016

10:30 am

Ever wonder what makes an entrepreneur? What is their drive? How do they know it's their destiny to create, build, start up and grow? In this edition of Founder Stories, I sat down with Tamir Vigder, an inspirational young man who, at an incredible young age, has figured out what his passion is and how he wants to change the world.

Every once in while, you get that feeling that you have just met someone who sees the world in a very different way. These people don't come along very often but when they do, their creativity and design thinking is completely logical, making a complex matter more simple than ever. This is Tamir.

I wanted to find out more about his course as a growth hacker and to share with you how he found success at such a young age.

How old are you Tamir?


Young huh, do people make assumptions because of your age?

Sometimes but one of my favorite experiences is introductory meetings with venture capitalists or large startups, and first they go like “eh you're 16” – then it gets normal again.

Describe what you do.

I am a Growth Hacker.

What does that mean to you?

Well I love everything about running a business, mainly growth hacking purely because I love reaching new people offering them value that can make life easier for them, and my favorite is seeing that other people in this world use what I built and making an impact.

We met because of startups, why is your focus customer startups?

Startups are my life. There is not one day in the past 3 years that I haven't stopped working on one. I like entrepreneurs and I have learned how to identify good entrepreneurs so I get to work on new, innovative concepts.

What kind of technology do you love?

I love new tech, mostly virtual reality. New innovative products that makes life much easier, focusing on software businesses as such, now helping some Silicon valley startups scale.

Tell us your journey of where you have lived so far.

I was brought up in Tel Aviv and moved to Australia four years ago but my plan is to live in America and that’s why I have been starting businesses since I was 15.

15, that’s awesome, how did you make it happen?

I met Brad Shofer when I was 15 and invested in an idea I had. Brad is one of Australia’s most active angel investors (Brad is cofounder of MYOB) and he has been a mentor for me all this time. Thanks Brad!

Brad sounds like a good dude, why do you think he invested?

I am a self-taught growth hacker and love to learn. Anytime I find something new, I get obsessed with finding out how it works and I am often told what is complex to others I make simple.

Well I can testify to that, it’s been fun working with you so far, what is your dream?

My dream is to build a unicorn that impacts people's lives and helps people with their pain points, and solving it for them.

What are your plans to get your move to the US?

I will be launching my next business later this year, I already have investors lined up. I am currently helping startups with growth hacking when I’m not in school of course, it’s my life, it’s my hobby, it’s my passion and of course helping ROCeteer!

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