Get a Free Pass to 30+ Coworking Spaces

October 2, 2015

12:30 pm

Starting today, Startuptravels is offering free coworking passes to over 30 coworking spaces around the world.

Startuptravels has partnered with coworking spaces from San Francisco to Latvia so that travelers can have a place to work as they journey around the globe. Everyone who signs up will get a pass that’s valid for up to three days at all 30 coworking spaces. So you could conceivably get 90 days of free coworking (assuming you’re a globetrotter).

The catch: you have to invite three friends to the site. You also have to tell Startuptravels in advance where you’re going, so they can coordinate with the coworking space to make sure there’s room for you.

The coworking spaces to choose from include:

Startuptravels is like an entrepreneur search engine, helping you connect with founders, mentors, and investors in different cities around the globe. The idea is that digital nomads want a quick way to plug into the local scene, and locals are happy to welcome newcomers to their city. After three months in operation, they announced the top 10 cities where entrepreneurs are trying to meet up. These days, the site has about 6,000 users from 163 countries.

One of the reasons I typically skip coworking spaces while traveling is the cost. I was lucky enough to spend time in Madrid, where the Google Campus offers free coworking, but that’s a rarity these days. Get your free passes today!

Image credit:Flickr/Clive Derra

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