Freeletics is Spreading Personalized, Mobile Fitness Worldwide

December 10, 2015

4:00 pm

When it comes to work, travel, and socialization, millenials are living increasingly mobile lifestyles. As society in general continues to rely on freedom from time and geographic constraints, personalization is becoming a major consumer demand across all markets, but it’s especially strong in the fitness industry.

At a base level, the ‘one size fits all’ model of older gym equipment doesn’t meet the demand of specialized programs people are jumping in on. For example, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and CrossFit require memberships to special gyms with special, niche equipment: having the wrong equipment can lead to severe injury.

Freeletics is a fitness program and company that’s been able to fuse these two concepts together. They use algorithmic machine learning and user feedback to provide a personalized HIIT workout that can be done anytime and anyplace without the need for equipment – everything is based on the users own body weight.

“Community is at the heart of Freeletics. Whether in the park, on the field, or on the playground, groups of people around the world are meeting up to train together,” says John Manoogian, International Business Development Manager at Freeletics. “We have a very devoted following. Six of our members in Austria have even tattooed themselves with our logo. Our users have truly taken physical fitness to heart.”

The company started up in Munich and has since expanded to 7 million users across 160 countries, including the US where they’ve attracted 400,000 users. Further, Freeletics is getting about 6,000 additional users each week. That’s the main driving force behind them publicly opening their first US office today.

Freeletics has built a proprietary algorithm that creates a custom workout plan based on your fitness goals, fitness level, and overall progress. Each workout is timed and designed to be completed as quickly as possible, in typical high intensity fashion.

According to the team, programs like CrossFit can cost up to $200 per month because of the gym membership and specialty equipment. Freeletics, on the other hand, provides a motivating training system with over 1,000 workout variations: it'll only set you back between $7 and $12 per month. To go along with the millennial mobility trend, they've built out both Android and iOS apps for their users to take anywhere with them.


Speaking from personal experience here, the high intensity workout is the best way to go at the gym. It's time-friendly, which anybody in an entrepreneurial field can respect, but more importantly it gets dynamite results. However, the hardest part about any new workout is getting all the right pieces in place: Freeletics put it all together for their users and have tapped into the mobile first trend taking the world by storm. Don't let the holiday season slow you down this year!


Image Credit: Freeletics PR team


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