A Quick Guide to the Funding Landscape for Startups

June 28, 2012

3:20 pm

For startups, not all dollars are created equal: some come with board seats, others with interest rates, and a few with nothing at all. This list of resources is designed to help entrepreneurs understand their options, from bank loans all the way to venture capital.


How to Determine a Startup Funding Strategy: This infographic from the Grasshopper Group offers a quick introduction to your funding options: bootstrapping, angels, superangels, and venture capital. It’s pretty basic, but also a helpful reminder that angels come in different flavors.

Finding Cash for Your Startup – Part II: Read this for another roundup of your financing options, plus details on what documents you’ll need to scrounge up. It adds a section on “Banks and Lending Institutions,” with 4 options for getting a loan from the bank.


Angel Investing Series Part I: Who Are Angels and Angel Groups?: In 2010, there were over 250,000 angels who invested over $20 billion in startups. This post explains who angels are, how they compare to VCs, why angel groups form, and even how to become an angel.

Setting a Higher Bar: The New Normal in Angel Investing: Don’t fault the angels, for they have not sinned, says Glen Hellman. Angel investors are being more picky with their deals, and entrepreneurs have to do what they do best: adapt.

The Rise and Fall of the Angel Empire: Glen Hellman takes a look at the trends that led to the rise of angel investors and recent events that may lead to their fall: namely, the signing of the JOBS Act. The golden age of the angel investor will pass, but the JOBS Act could give entrepreneurs more power.

Who’s the Top Angel Investor in the US?: If nothing else, this poll serves as a handy list of the most popular, active angel investors in the United States.

Venture Capital

Venture Capital Funding Basics from a VC: Aziz Gilani, a director at DFJ Mercury, composed this helpful FAQ about venture capital. Learn what to expect during due diligence, how close-knit the VC community is, and more.

Femanomics: 105 Women in Venture Capital and Angel Investment You Should Know: Lest anyone forget, men aren’t the only ones investing in startups. This list features over 100 female VCs and angels, plus tons more in the comments.


Obama to Sign Crowdfunding Act on Thursday; What Startups Need to Know: Everyone’s talking about the JOBS Act, which passed in April, but what does it actually mean for startups? If you’re interested in crowdfunding, here are some details on rules you’ll need to follow.

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