6 Gadgets to Enhance Your 420 Experience

April 20, 2016

9:43 am

Every April 20th reminds me of the good ol’ days in college. We’d sit around a TV playing Halo with my friends, a thick smog of something filling the air, someone walking in the door carrying a box full of Taco Bell, and then things getting a bit hazy from there.

Back then, we had to be a bit more creative about how we partook in 420 related activities, turning soda bottles into gravity bongs, apples into pipes, and grinding herb with scissors in a shot glass. Now that legalization is slowly making its way through the nation, innovation is here. From vape pens to crazy vaporizers like the Volcano, there are new and improved ways to partake in the herb that makes it slightly less harmful on the lungs.

Because prohibition is still here, there are also more gadgets to allow you to be discrete and even grow crops in your home. These are some of the more creative herb related gadgets that will help enhance your 420 experience, or if you’re in most states, for flavored tobacco use only.

PS, I didn’t inhale.

Coffee Mug Pipe

Ever since Cabin in the Woods debuted, people have been trying to get their hands on the bong that was featured early on in the movie. What appears to be a typical coffee mug expands to be a two and a half foot long pipe. With a stainless steel insert, it stores 12 ounces of coffee and separates it from the needed water. The Coffee Mug Pipe also had a bit of a design refresh, but currently appears to be out of stock.



The bucklepuffer is a discrete pipe that slides into the buckle of your standard leather belt. Using powerful magnets, the pipe is held in place or easily released, which also snuffs out and reduces any relevant odor. Created and designed in Cleveland, Ohio by John Newland, the Apparel-phernalia brand has three products, ranging from $190-$209.



Belt buckles are great, but what if you want something slightly more discreet? With Vaprware, the smoking system is built right into the hoodie. Instead of your standard pull string, which nobody still knows how to use, they replaced it with a hose system that connects to DLo1 or DLo3. Depending on the system, the hoodies range from $95-$155.



With legalization trickling in through the states, so does the ability to grow your own plants. Unfortunately, the plants are not the most forgiving, they need constant sunlight and the proper moisture. There are systems out there that make growing easier, but take up too much space or are complicated. Leaf is a new system that is due to start shipping this year and is as easy as planting your seeds and plugging it in. The Leaf system will cost $1500 and will be available this Spring.

Grinder Watch

grinder watch

Although vaping is all the rage and so is the use of relevant oils,  it never hurts to have a grinder handy for those who prefer to smoke the standard way. Grinders are all but necessary when smoking with plant matter, but nobody wants to carry it around. With the Grinder Watch, simply pop off the watch face and hidden underneath is a grinder. The watch costs about $40.

Puffit 2

puffit 2

I swear officer, it’s just my asthma inhaler! Don’t mind that funny smell coming off of it. The Puffit 2 is a portable vaporizer that looks like the standard asthma inhaler. To be fair it looks more like the original ones, but hey, close enough. It retails for $100 and comes in either blue or black.

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