10 Gadgets To Get You Through Snowy Weather

Next week, winter will officially be here. We know, we’re scared too. But that hasn’t stopped snow from hitting several cities with the force of a bullet train. Some cities, like Chicago for example, are fully equipped for snow storms and blizzards. However, cities like Baltimore and Washington DC have continued to shut down in the face of snow that either sticks or creates icy patches. When this happens, stores are cleaned out of water and bread, kitty litter is purchased in Costco sized bins, and more liquor is consumed than in your first year of college.

Here at TechCo, we’re big supporters of being prepared, which is why we’ve crowdsourced the tech community to see what they need to get through snowy weather. From heated gloves to flamethrowers (mostly kidding), we have compiled a list of both the sensible and senseless gadgets that would keep even a yeti at bay.

Gadgets for Winter and Snowy Weather

Though some of us made the conscious effort to simply move far away from where the snow sticks to the ground, these devices and gadgets should help you through the upcoming season.

  • Avital remote starter is perfect for warming your car up while you have your morning coffee, helping you avoid frostbite on your 10 foot walk to the car.
  • Wifi connected crockpot: Want to ensure your soup or stew is timed to finish perfectly along side your commute home? With the Wemo connected crockpot you can do just that.
  • CURB energy monitor: Once installed, CURB’s user-friendly app lets you track your home’s energy usage while you’re out on the slopes or on vacation – this not only gives you insight into your home’s inner energy workings, but it helps save money and keep a safe environment for you and your roommates/family/pets.
  • Heated gloves: Whether you need to walk your dogs or simply get to the metro station, heated gloves will add a bit of happiness to your slushy commute and chores.

  • Netatmo Weather Station: Sure, you’ve got apps to tell you what to expect outside, but what about your own microclimate? With a home weather station you can get even more specific details about the weather around your home, and when it’s more accurate than your local weather person, you will no longer have an excuse to curse the sky for a lack of precipitation.(Above image).
  • Bread machine: Have you ever been to a store the day before a big snow storm? Milk and bread are the first to go. You on the other hand like to be prepared, which is why you can make your own dang bread. Sorry Frosty.
  • Electric blanket: Staying warm always comes at a cost. Space heaters and electric blankets are a good alternative to blasting the heat all winter, plus if you have a partner who prefers the cold, now they won’t be walking around in the nude because you can control your temperature a bit better with this. Just don’t get one of the cheaper ones as they don’t last very long. (Top image).
  • Apple TV: From Roku to PS4 or Xbox One, there are an endless array of ways to stream video while hunkering down inside for the winter. Apple TV is a bit different in that you also get the app store and a pretty sweet selection of fireplaces to put on your TV. Unfortunately it won’t keep you warm, but we hear Netflix and chill does the trick.
  • Google Chromecast Ultra: Did you buy a 4K TV for the holidays? Then you’ll want to upgrade your Chromecast to the Ultra. Like the version before it, this allows you to stream content from most devices on to your TV, but now in 4K.
  • Amazon Echo: Hey Alexa, order me firewood. Hey Alexa, order me food with Amazon Eats. Thanks to the magical power of Amazon and the Echo you have even fewer reasons to ever go out into the snow. This voice activated devices will allow you to tap into apps, purchasing, and food delivery.


Where To Get Them

Curb Monitor –  $375

Heated Gloves – $100

Apple TV – $150

Chromecast Ultra – $70

Electric Blanket – $55+

Oster Bread Machine – $45

Remote Starter – $45+

Anker Battery Backup – $24

Amazon Echo – $140

Wemo Start Crockpot – $130

Netatmo Weather Station – $150

Photo: CrockPot Wemo

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