Study: Generative AI Is Here and Companies Are Falling Behind

Generative AI tools are being used by employees across the world, and getting a policy in place needs to be a priority.

The gap between AI usage and AI policy continues to widen, as a new study found that a large percentage of workers are utilizing the tech while their employers still haven’t created policies regarding AI.

From day one, employees around the world have been quick to adopt ChatGPT and other generative AI platforms into their daily duties. From answering emails to coding, the technology is uniquely equipped to handle the mundane tasks common during a workday.

Unfortunately, new studies have shown that companies are falling behind when it comes to issuing policies to regulate that practice and mitigate the risks.

34% of Businesses Have No AI Policy

According to a study from The Conference Board, many employees are using generative AI technology while their companies don’t have AI policies in place.

More specifically, the study found that 56% of employees are at least occasionally using the technology, with 31% using it on a regular basis.

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The use of generative AI isn’t necessarily the problem, though. The problem arises when you follow up that stat with another; 34% of organizations don’t have an AI policy, while 23% have an AI policy in development. On top of that, 17% of respondents “don’t know” if their company has an AI policy.

Why You Need an AI Policy

Who cares if your employees are using generative AI platforms and your company doesn’t have an AI policy, right? Well, the reality is that, as AI usage increases, the potential for damages increasing right along with it.

“The urgency for establishing clear AI usage guidelines will only rise as the technology continues to accelerate in capability and scope.” – The Conference Board researchers

The reality is that there are a lot of risks that come with using generative AI services at your business, particularly if you’re wary of data breaches. In fact, some big tech companies have even banned employees from using ChatGPT, as management is concerned about the potential for leaving data vulnerable to hacks.

The Rise of AI

If you aren’t making an AI policy because you’re banking on the technology being nothing more than a passing fad, we’ve got some new for you: AI isn’t going anywhere.

The study found that 63% of employees noted an increase in productivity since they started using generative AI tools at work, and 55% say that the work from generative AI platforms is at least equal to an experienced worker on the job.

“Generative Al is already delivering work product that meets or exceeds the quality of employees with years of experience—at least on specific tasks. At the same time, few people we surveyed foresee AI technology as a threat to replace their jobs entirely. Rather, they appear to be embracing AI as a solution for repetitive or tedious parts of their work, freeing up bandwidth for more productive and valuable uses of their time.” – Diana Scott, Leader of The Conference Board Human Capital Center.

Simply put, there’s no reason to put your company at risk by waiting to establish an AI policy, particularly because there’s a good chance your employees are already using it, whether you know it or not.

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