Gift Guide 2017: Tech for Outdoorsmen, Survivalists, and Preppers

November 26, 2017

2:30 pm

In a world filled with seemingly endless technology that connects you to the digital world, now more than ever do people want to disconnect. However, whether or not they are the outdoorsy type or more into glamping, there is still plenty of tech to help prevent you from getting lost or maybe eaten by a bear. In some cases they may take it a step further and be more of a prepper, waiting for the inevitable zombie invasion to finally strike.

Whatever their reasoning, unplugging would do us all some good, and these are the gifts perfect for the occasion. That is unless you know how to build your own natural draft furnace with nothing but dirt, sticks, and elbow grease.

GoTenna Mesh – $180

goTenna Mesh

Out in the middle of the nowhere you’re likely going to run out of cell coverage, and that means your smartphone will essentially become a brick. By downloading a special app and using the goTenna Mesh devices, you can stay connected with each other by creating your own private network. While you may not be able to ping the outside world, at least you can stay in touch and continue using the tech you have. The goTenna Mesh comes in a pair and starts at $180.

TomTom Adventurer – $290 [TechCo Approved]

tomtom adventurer

On a trail or off the beaten path, the TomTom Adventurer is specifically designed to keep you going in the right direction. With their GPX upload feature you can easily create your own trail and path, and if you get lost it’ll help you get back to your campsite or base station. The Adventure starts at $290, comes with bluetooth earbuds, and got a big thumbs up from us.

Airmega Air Purifier – $520+ [TechCo Approved]


Have you ever sat in a bunker eating nothing but MREs and canned beans? Do you really want to play who farted with the dog and random person you saved from the zombie apocalypse? Yeah, didn’t think so. Jokes aside, stale air is a real thing, and if something does end up going down it doesn’t hurt to have it efficiently use power rather than just constantly run. Airmega gives you both purification and built in sensors, plus if you want to get real fancy a Wi-Fi connected app. We’ll have a full review later on, but it’s certainly a good looking machine compared to the other monstrosities on the market.

WyzeCam – $20 [TechCo Approved]


Sure, you may need wifi for this security cam, but most of them now a days do anyways. The WyzeCam is a small, wired camera that comes in at such an affordable price point that you can literally cover your entire residence with them, be it a bunker or maybe just your tin-foil covered home in the suburbs. Nothing strange about that at all. They also happen to work really well as standard security cameras, too. You can read and watch our review on them here.

Canary – $130 [TechCo Approved]


One part home security monitor, one part smart sensor, the Canary is always a popular consumer solution. These easy to use and setup devices allow you to not only keep an eye on your stash of MREs, but also ensure that the air quality both inside and outside are ideal. You can read our review on Canary here.

Blink XT – $130

blink xt

You’ve got indoor covered, but what about the outdoors? With Blink XT you can weatherproof security monitors with none of the plugs. Blink has been a TechCo favorite for years, and their newest offering just adds to that.

BioLite CampStove 2 – $200

BioLite 2

For the few powered devices that you can carry, portable solar panels probably just won’t cut it. For that, there is the BioLite campstove that not only lets you cook food, but also use that same power output to charge your devices.

Solar Camp Shower – $17+

solar camp shower

Just because you’re away from civilization doesn’t mean you can’t remain a bit civilized. With the Solar Camp shower you simply fill the bag with up to five gallons, let the sun warm it, and take a shower. The shower bag is priced at $17.

Backpacking Stove – $12+

Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves

Unless you can quickly start a fire with nothing more than what nature gives you, chances are that you’ll also want something to cook your food on. Sure, a stick and some wild caught fish sounds great, but why not play it safe by frying it up on a pocket-sized stove instead.

Inflatable Lounger – $24+


We’ve all sen the viral video of someone waving what appears to be a bag and it immediately fills with air to become a lounger. Now, the market is flooded with them, and there is a good reason for it, too. Rather than searching for trees to use a hammock, carting around a foldable chair, or sitting in dirt, these loungers are super easy to setup, which is perfect for when you need a quick rest.

Bonus: Breakfast MREs – $42+

You may not need much more than hot water, but you’ll certainly need more than a stick to get the fire going for it. Plus, these MREs are portable, last 30 years, and are a lot better than hunting for wild chicken eggs in the middle of a mountainous forest. What, chickens don’t like hiking too?

Stay tuned for the rest of our guide throughout the season. We’ll be covering holiday guides for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the DIYer, cannabis, entrepreneur, STEM, and various others.

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