Goodbye Business Cards, Hello Contap

September 2, 2016

11:09 am

The business card, a decades-long staple of networking, falls short of the mark when it comes to addressing modern needs.

Consider this: how many times have you been at a conference or networking event and you have either run out of cards, or a person you met had ran out? If you’re anything like me, you’ve run into this problem more times than you probably care to recall.

Worse, imagine attending a professional event and  generating valuable connections, leads, partners, and referrals—only to lose all of the business cards you collected?

That’s not the only manner in which they fall short. What if you have great rapport with a new acquaintance, and a business card just doesn’t adequately represent the relationship? In this case, you’d rather share pictures of your kids or travels from Instagram and Twitter, not your business email and a phone or fax number.

The exchange of business cards is a time-tested ritual of the corporate world. However, almost every other facet of how we do business has been modernized by technology and innovation. Your relationships should be no exception.

Why, in a computerized world, do we continue to rely on slips of paper to exchange contact information? A new mobile application, Contap, allows for seamless exchange of customized contact information through a simple tap.

“We started Contap because we’re social people and we didn’t want to share the same old static information with every new person we met. The idea was to customize what you share with new friends based on your comfort level and your relationship with that person,” said Contap CEO Jason Craparo.  

“Think sharing Instagram, Snapchat, and your cell with a new friend in your yoga class, and similarly your Linkedin, Email, resume, and cover letter (through Dropbox!) for the recruiting events! Different situations call for different and custom sharing. That’s Contap.”

Getting the full value out of business card requires you to manually transfer the new connection’s contact information into a smartphone or computer in order to continue communicating with them.

Contap eliminates this step in the communication process and allows you to capitalize on your new connections right away.

Contap integrates with social networks, documents, and even CRMs—allowing you to step out of a meeting with everyone you met already integrated in your CRM.

The application even lets you choose the exact information you want to share with your new connections, such as your social accounts, email addresses, phone number, websites, and documents.

A favorite feature of Contap is that it allows connections to form even without both parties having the application downloaded. So you can still exchange all of your information, or be selective about what you share, with a connection who does not have Contap.

Though this application was designed with business professionals in mind, anyone can benefit from the convenience of Contap. Students, recruiters, and even groups of friends, can use Contap to forge and maintain connections.

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