Google Tops List as Most Attractive Employer for Engineering, Computer Science Grads

According to recent findings from Universum Global, a research and consulting firm focused on helping international companies develop into top brands that appeal to students and professionals, Google is once again the most attractive employer for college grads – particularly for students majoring in business, engineering, and computer science. The findings of the survey were published earlier this week on Poets & Quants for Undergrads.

Considering that Poets & Quants is an online publication focused on students following a business track, it stands to reason that the results presented place a heavy focus on undergraduate business students and their preferences in potential employers. However, while the article highlights Universum Global’s annual survey of the top 100 employers for business students in the United States, it also looks at the top 5 choices for students studying computer science, engineering, natural sciences, and liberal arts.

Among business students, Google ranks as the top employer for soon-to-be college graduates, while Apple comes in second place. For students pursuing a degree in computer science, Google again finds itself in the top position, with Microsoft coming in second. The only deviation comes from engineering students, who choose NASA as their most attractive employer; Google comes in second place for those students.

It should come as no surprise, of course, that many students – regardless of their major – see Google as the most attractive company to work for. Despite the company’s own issues with diversity (a product of – rather than the cause of – the overall tech industrial ethos), Google remains one of the top companies for women and minorities. And even outside of diversity, Google’s company culture – a culture supportive of individual growth, work-life balance, and on-the-job perks – is something that all college graduates desire from an employer.

Take a look at how Google stacks up as a desired employer among these various college majors, below. Check out the full post on Poets & Quants for Undergrads to see the full rankings. And if you happen to still be an undergrad, hopefully you attend one of these top feeder schools to companies like Google and Apple.

Business Students:

  1. Google
  2. Walt Disney Company
  3. Apple
  4. Nike
  5. J.P. Morgan

Engineering Students:

  1. NASA
  2. Google
  3. Boeing
  4. Tesla
  5. Space X

Liberal Arts Students:

  1. Walt Disney Company
  2. United Nations
  3. Google
  4. FBI
  5. National Geographic

Computer Science Students:

  1. Google
  2. Microsoft
  3. Apple
  4. Ernst & Young
  5. J.P Morgan
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