Google Vision Bot Is a Physical Representation of the Vision API

April 5, 2016

4:51 pm

Each year Google continues to expand on their effort to interact with early adopters, technologists, and entrepreneurs at SXSW. This year the Google Cloud Platform team showed off something a bit different, and certainly a lot more interactive. The Vision Bot or vBot is an interactive robot that reacts to you based on your emotions. Although both seemingly cute and creative, the brains behind its functionality is the real topic of conversation.

Based on Google Cloud Vision API, vBot is powered by the same system that intuitively groups, catalogs, and sorts through photos on Google Photos. Google released the new API last year, and since has allowed developers to create powerful applications focused on the content of images. According to their team, vBot was built on a Raspberry Pi base, and with just a few hundred lines of Python code and the Vision API, it was ready for action.

Vision Bot was on display at a few events around SXSW. As part of their events, the team put together a small challenge for attendees to see the power of Vision API. You can watch a preview of the Vision Bot below:

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