Guest Posting is Not Dead – Use it to Grow Your Online Audience

April 30, 2015

4:00 pm

It doesn’t matter if you have a new or seasoned blog, you need creative strategies to grow your audience. As it’s important to have unique, steady, and quality content on your own blog, it’s helpful to have backlinks out there for readers to find you. Sure, sharing via social media and posting in online forums helps, but this is not a guarantee to captivate and get visitors to your page.

Guest posting, however, has been a proven method to become recognizable in your niche and attract readers to your blog as well. Many feel guest posting is outdated. As you can see in this Social Media Examiner article, 8 Brands That Benefit From Guest Blogging, guest posting is not dead – it’s alive and thriving. Although you may feel producing quality content is the best bang for your buck and time, consider these three reasons to use guest posting as a method to grow your online audience.

Provide Value to New Like-Minded Readers

To get readers to want to click and come to your blog, you must be sure to provide value to them. Your guest post is on an established blog, so their current readers trust the blog host’s decision and want to see what you have to say. Give them fresh content and open their eyes to a new perspective. However, what value could you contribute for your guest post? If you are unsure or simply don’t have the time for it, you could hire a service such as I Guest Blog or Text Link Brokers.

Make Your Blog Appear in Relevant Search Results

When guest posting, it’s imperative that you have a link back to your blog. This is how you have backlinks created. These are now relevant and natural backlinks that search engines such as Google and Bing are ready to index, so they will have a higher value and show up in reader’s relevant search results.

Google loves backlinks, but only when they make sense! One of the best pieces of advice you can ever receive is to have a quality SEO tactic. So to get your blog links out there without content duplication and avoiding spam posts, while still distributing quality content, guest posting is your answer.

Build a Strong Relationship with Influential Bloggers

Guest posting is more than just getting credible links back to your blog – it’s about relationship building. Not only are you contributing value to their blog, but to their social media feeds as well. You can strike up meaningful conversations with the bloggers and their followers. Showing you are an authority in your niche helps you gain the respect of others. This encourages their blog subscribers to want to subscribe to your blog to see what else you have to say.

Countless influential bloggers not only accept guest posting, but they contribute to it as well.


Image Credit: RC Cipriano

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