Hits Top 5 News Apps on iTunes After Only Two Days

On Monday, July 1, Miami-based startup fully launched their news app on the iTunes App Store. In just two short days, it has broken into the top 5 most downloaded news apps on iTunes as well as hitting top 100 apps across 22 other major markets. takes everything that people love on the Internet, smart devices, and TV, and mixes it all together to offer a news platform that does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is click, sit back, and listen. After selecting what news story you want to dig into, the news is delivered to you via an avatar.

The avatars read to you and display videos, images, and social media found by algorithms. Users can select specific avatars, like robots, dogs, or humans, that will read to them using text-to-voice technology.

“Some are calling the video version of Flipboard,” says CEO and founder Freddie Laker. “They say it feels like it is ripped from a sci-fi flick.”

The startup held a private alpha launch back in February of this year, and the improvements they have made since then are noticeable. The team at is well on their way to fulfilling their mission of providing real-time, dynamically generated TV content for the world, and the public is definitely on board with the direction they are headed. You can download the iOS app here.

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