Haute Rogue: A One-Woman Show that Went Global

February 28, 2015

8:00 am

Anna Miatselitsa was born and lived in Belarus until the age of 18, but she always dreamt of making a positive impact on the world. She was brought up in a culture where everybody lives the same kind of life: you go to school, then college, then you get married and have kids.

In her world, women aren’t expected to compete with men in a job market, and after two years of college Miatselitsa realized her destiny laid elsewhere. So, she moved to New York City with the hope to one day open her own company.

She worked two to three jobs, studied coding, designed a website, and taught herself everything necessary to run a business. There were no investors looking to fund her, and no employees wanted to work with her: she was on her own, but slowly grew her company into a successful venture.

Haute Rogue as she calls it has engineered a new spin on the eshopping experience by merging the convenience of shopping from home with the perks of a brick and mortar boutique experience. Customers can shop up-to-the-minute, in-demand fashion 24/7 with the added convenience of ordering any style in two different sizes to try on at home. They keep whichever size they love and send back the one they don’t with a free pre-paid label and return-shipping envelope.

“Shopping women’s fashion online is a theoretical luxury that’s wrought with many obstacles in practice. Most e-commerce businesses stock inventory up to 6 months in advance, in hopes it will eventually be in high demand,” says Miatselitsa. “Consumers are at the mercy of imperfect sizing charts with a large margin for error when it comes to ordering the correct fit, and returns present an inordinate hassle.”

Founded in May 2014, Haute Rogue started out as a one-woman show with the mission to create a fashion-forward online retailer. Success followed soon after as it expanded to customers around the world, notable the UK, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, and France.

Looking back, this is huge for Miatselitsa. She came from a cultural paradigm where she was told she couldn't outpace men, but she did it anyways. Here's to your future success!




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