How to Help Employees Get on the Right Path with Patheer

July 15, 2015

7:00 pm

Whether it’s referred to as human resources, talent management, or people operations, every organization has a department focused solely on the needs and wants of its most important asset: its employees.

Becca is the head of this department for a mid-sized digital marketing company. The problem is, she’s having trouble identifying and developing the exact needs and wants of the employees she supports.

Fortunately for Becca, there’s Patheer, a SaaS platform that uses predictive analytics to help organizations grow, advance, and retain employees.

How Patheer Works

To hold on to your best people, you have to know and understand them. Patheer makes the process of getting to know employees — their skills, experiences, and career goals — easier than ever.

The innovative platform enables employees to build individual development plans to advance in their careers and provides employers with employee-related data to assist in getting to know and developing individual employees based on their unique plans.

In short, Patheer helps organizations make data-backed, evidence-based decisions when it comes to people operations and fosters a more efficient and productive workplace.

For employers: Patheer makes it easy for employers to develop, advance, and retain employees by raising awareness of internal career development and advancement opportunities. The SaaS platform is designed to make career planning easy for both employers and their employees by visualizing, identifying, and essentially matching employee skills with various positions within the company.

Patheer provides employers with talent analytics on everything from employee engagement to internal mobility to employee turnover predictions, which helps employers make more informed decisions when it comes to employee development and succession.

For employees: With Patheer, employees can create, view, and edit a personalized profile that collects information on their background and interests, from their education to their skills and experience. This profile can also be used to apply to jobs through Patheer’s internal job board.

Organization and skills maps give employees a way to visualize and understand where and how their skills transfer to other roles within the organization. What’s more, career dashboards enable employees to research and assess their fit for various positions.

Pros of Patheer:

  • Attractive, easy-to-use platform.
  • Employees can create personalized profiles.
  • Builds awareness of career development and advancement opportunities.
  • Makes employee development and succession planning more strategic.

Cons of Patheer:

  • No mobile apps, but optimized for mobile.

To learn more about how Patheer can help you help your employees grow and advance in their careers, check out its website here.


Image Credit: Unsplash By Christian Holzinger

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