Can You Find the Hidden Meanings in These 5 Company Logos?

September 15, 2016

10:00 pm

Creating a logo for your brand or business is one of the most important things you can. Not only will your logo represent your brand and business, it's also something that will be associated with your company for years to come.

With so much riding on the success of your logo, it's not something you should just throw together and put out for the world to see. If you really want to create something amazing and leave a lasting impression with your audience, come up with a logo design that's not just original, but also has a hidden meaning within its design.

This is something Srish Agrawal of LogoDesignTeam helps his clientelle with on a daily basis. When asked how he and his team help brands create a logo that best represents what they offer, he had the following to say:

“When it comes time to create a logo design for a business or brand, you really have to learn about the business, who their target audience is and how the customer should feel when they see the logo. This is where most brands go wrong when trying to create a logo of their own. Way too often we see brands just want something flashy and unique to put out there. It's our job to not only provide them with a great looking logo, but also one that well represents their brand and relates with their audience.”

As Srish mentioned, logo design isn't just about an identity and putting it out there, it's about emotion and relating with your audience as well. For example, when you see a cardboard box with the logo show up at your front door, don't you get a little bit excited?

The concept of hidden meanings and messages within a logo isn't new at all. In fact, it's actually something some of the largest brands in the world today have been doing for a while now.

Now let's take a look at some popular brand logos that have hidden meanings you may have missed.

1. Amazon Logo


One of the most popular logos in the world today has to be that of Amazon. With millions of shipments and deliveries made daily, it's not just the customer who is seeing the logo, but also the mailman and everyone who might pass by your house as well.

We've all noticed the little smile underneath the Amazon logo, but it actually means even more than that. Yes, it is a smile — but it also represent that Amazon sells everything from “A” to “Z”.

2. Baskin Robbins Logo


What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? Most people will say vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. However, Baskin Robbins wants to make sure you remember that they have 31 different flavors to choose from. Did you notice the number “31” right in between the “B” and the “R” in the logo?

3. Fedex Logo


Fedex is another logo that we almost all see on a daily basis. Whether if it's from a delivery right to our house, or simply seeing their truck on the streets… they do seem to be everywhere. Speaking of which, if you look closely in between the “E” and “X”, you will notice the arrow in between the two of them. This arrow represents the company always moving forward.

4.  Tostitos Logo


Head to your favorite shopping store for a bag of chips and you are going to see a lot of options. However, one brand of chips that seems to stand out from the crowd is Tostitos. On each bag you will find their colorful logo, which not only says the brand name, but also shows two people about to dip a big chip into a bowl of salsa. How's that for design and branding!

5. Goodwill Logo


While it might not be one of the most popular brands in the world, Goodwill has a logo that you will definitely notice if you are driving by one of their locations. What looks like a big smile is actually the same lower-case “g” used in their logo name. So which is it?

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