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August 12, 2016

11:49 am

Microsoft Office is without doubt the most powerful and well used office product around the world.  It offers a package of software that covers all the needs of businesses of all sorts including the Word word processing, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentation software. While Office does come with a range of templates built in, there is now a way to get a huge number of additional templates to cover all needs – through a company called Hloom.

Providing Solutions through Hloom

Branding is a huge area for businesses today with the rise of the internet. Branding is about more than just having a nice logo – it is about creative a presence for the business with everything in a unified format and style.  It includes having brand colors, logos, graphics and fonts that all work together to allow instant customer recognition of anything relating to the company.

A big part of this branding exercise can be ensuring all documentation sent to customers has the same look and feel to it.  The best way to do this is to use templates provided by Hloom to create a unified style in all the communications that the company sends out.

What kind of templates are available?

Hloom currently offer over 1500 templates and more are added on a regular basis.  Their aim is to provide a template for every need for businesses in all industries around the world.

Their invoice section is designed to allow businesses to create branded invoices for services and goods provided to customers. An element of invoicing is to create the initial paperwork to let the customer know what service has been provided and what payment is due. This is then often followed up with the bill once payment has been made, allowing businesses to keep their own records of outgoings.  Reminders sometimes are required to prompt customers into making a payment.

Advertising your business is something done online for many companies but there is also still a clear place for physical advertising.  Printing flyers and other leaflets can be expensive, mostly due to the design side of things.  By using one of the Hloom templates, businesses can quickly and easily create flyers to print when required, either in house or by a specialist printer.

Invitation templates can be printed and sent via the mail or sent via email and are a great way to let people know about a special event, invite them to a company party or ask them to attend a conference.  The Hloom templates allow customization including the company logo, date and time and even the dress code of the event.

Internal Communication Templates

Branding isn’t as important for internal communications but a clear, concise system can ensure the best results.  Within the Hloom templates are a number for cover pages to accompany various internal documents including project reports, financial documents or proposals.  And if branding is required for the document to be sent externally, this can easily be incorporated.

While email has taken a big chunk of work from the fax machine, sending documents and messages via the fax machine is still common.  Fax covering letters are an important part of this step, ensuring clear communication to the relevant person as well as disclaimers should the fax go astray.  Fax cover sheets are available in a range of formats through Hloom to suit all requirements.

Personal Need Templates

Nor are the templates provided by Hloom simply for the big business – there are a number that are useful for the individual.  Top of the list are the resume templates.  There are over 400 different styles currently offered to work with Word and that also provide a PDF version to send via email or submit to a website.  This allows you to concentrate on the content of the resume rather than spending time formatting it.

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