Hopscratch’s ‘Business in a Box’ Makes Launching a Business Easier

July 21, 2016

9:45 am

Many people dream about creating their own business. However, lacking ideas and/or the knowledge about what the entire process of creating a business entails can get in the way of that.

This was exactly the thought by the folks at Hopscratch, who launched the Business in a Box product. It has all the essentials one needs to quickly start a business the right way – in a way that is completely custom-made and tailored to the needs of each situation.

Good ideas are often being wasted on businesses that start on wrong foundations – often not having all the core characteristics needed to succeed. This happens simply because of a lack of full knowledge on what’s happening. But what if all that basic stuff – the pillars to reach that goal –  could all be obtained from one resource?

Hopscratch’s all-in-one solution seems to be unique in the market, and includes everything business people do not know how to do or simply do not want to do, in four major categories: legal, financial, marketing and productivity. A few examples from those categories include: startup naming; accounting and tax setup; logo, and domain planning; launch announcement; and setting office tools – among many others.

The Business in a Box offers tools and resources from trustworthy players, such as Google, Microsoft Office, GoDaddy, Squarespace, Bank of America, Dropbox, among several others. Additionally, those that work with Hopscratch will each get their own dedicated business advocate to help them with every step of the way.

But Hopscratch’s “Business in a Box” is really for everyone, not just for those who are starting their businesses. They also accommodate and advise people with established businesses, or anyone who has plans to start one in the future. So, if you fall under one of these categories, be sure to give this service a look.

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